No doubt, English is an international language. Most of the research work in sci­ence and technology in the world is being done through the medium of English. Eng­lish is the window for western knowledge to India. A very poor country as India is, it is very difficult to translate all the latest knowl­edge into national and regional languages. Even if an effort is made in this respect, till the knowledge concerned is translated, the theory has since changed meanwhile. That is why even countries like China and Japan have started giving more attention to the study of English to get the latest knowledge.

It is also argued that our freedom fighters like M.K.Gandhi, JPL. Nehru, Cochlea etc. were greatly influenced by western political thought on freedom through a study of English philosophers, thinkers and poets. English is said to be a great link between different Indian languages and a strong bond for national integration. Clout, teaching of English leads to large-scale failures in various examinations.

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Yet, a formula should be evolved such that English is taught in schools and colleges but not at the cost of Indian languages. The teaching of English cannot and should not be dispensed with.


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