In some respects you may be different. The

In a similar way, your caste position in a society is defined by several related positions and contemporary situations and structures. For instance, your caste status may be inferior in relation to a more dominant grouping a certain area or it may be more dominant in relation to the more depressed caste groups.

This relative position will also indicate an access to resources. Besides this, your status as student or a Yadav or 23 years old and male is shared by others as well. So, it is quite possible that you share a status with these people but in some respects you may be different. The others may not live in a city as you do.

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Status begins with birth itself like the fact that you are male and that you are born into a Hindu community and also that you are born into a Yadav community. Status that people are born into is called ascribed status by the Sociologist Ralph Linton. Sex, caste, ethnicity and to some extent religion are all ascribed statuses.

In addition to ascribed status there is a status which is achieved by an individual and which is not given on birth. Such status has been called achieved status. Your status as student is an example of achieved status.

Among the most important achieved statuses are occupation, educational levels and income. Your religion could also be an achieved status if you changed at some time from the religion you were born into. Each status has an expectation of behaviour. Your status as an eldest boy in family certainly would be accompanied by certain expectations. We all know that statuses of male children and female children are not equivalent, despite some changes in the structure in the recent past.

Parents and others usually expect males to behave in a certain way different from females. Men are expected to be strong, rational, aggressive, the bread earner, etc. The women on the other hand are expected to be non-aggressive, caring, emotional, etc. These expectations of different behaviour for men and women among others and the difference in upbringing bring us very close to the meaning of the concept of roles.


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