The only because of its tremendous size,

The industry has responded to this increased growth opportunity with new air, land, and sea transportation networks, with new hotels, resort destinations, and convention centers; as well as growing local service industries which support the needs of the tourist. Tourism is a service industry. Today’s tourists and travellers need and expect service, whether related to trip planning, reservations handling, efficiency in transportation, or the services available at their destination. Tourism is an industry of competing firms whose clients have become increasingly cost conscious. The tourist has the right to expect professional service. The quality of our leisure time is becoming increasingly important to us, and the demand for expert, professional service in planning that leisure time is growing even more important. In various ways, modern societies increasingly provide their citizens with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

For many people, this opportunity is satisfied during free time rather than at work. The tourism industry, therefore, affects us not only because of its tremendous size, but also because of the crucial role it plays in improving the quality of life for millions of people. In such an important industry the potential for jobs is enormous. As the industry becomes more complex, it demands the services of well-trained, enthusiastic, and responsible individuals.

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The future growth and competitive strength of each of the elements that make up the tourism industry depends on how well each entity cares for the safety and comfort of the traveller, or the value tourists get for their money, and on how well their expectations are met.


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