I and sand from the road-side were carried

I was passing through the busy market. I saw the west horizon suddenly growing red. An old man who was trying to walk away hurriedly, said to me, “Son, rush to your house. A dust storm is coming. I did not so much heed to the old man’s advice. I kept lingering on the road.

After a short while, I heard a sudden noise of falling hoardings. Leaves of the trees growing on the road side began to fly away in the air. It appeared there was a whirlwind accompa­nying the storm. As the earth was dry, dust and sand from the road-side were carried high “p in the air by the strong wind. The atmosphere was covered with a thick layer of dust. Nothing was visible for a few moments, although it was only afternoon. The dust storm lasted only a few minutes. It turned everything upside down.

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Wares of some shopkeepers flew away and were lost or broken. The eyes of everybody and everything were covered with a thick layer of dust. Fortunately, after the storm, there was a light rain for a few minutes. It settled the dust and air became clean. Dust storms, rain and other such phenomena are nature’s ways of maintaining balance and harmony in atmosphere.


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