Shakespeare’s Juliet is immediate violent and final.

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a play about twolovers separated by their feuding families. From forth thefatal loins of these two foes a pair of star-crossed loverstake their life.(Pro.I.

6) The two foes Shakespeare speaks ofare the Montagues and the Capulets. Their hate for eachother is great and violent. The hate of the two families isshown early with a street brawl. The hate causes the loversto hide their love from their families until the very end. after Romeo and Juliet died in the Caplulet tomb the twofamilies see their hate and reconcile for the love of theirbeloved children. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet reviledlove as a war as a religion as a malady and as a cult.	The theme of love, which he explains in other keys inplays before and after remain central, though now it is toidealized in all seriousness(Sauffer 29). All through theplay Shakespeare constantly held love as the basis of theplay.

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The actual ethical energy of the drama resides in its Wise,2realization of the purity and intensity of ideal love. Herethere is no swerving(Stauffer 32). Stauffer believes that Romeo and Juliet’s love was pure and intense also it isconstant ever since the they lay eyes on each other.

Romeoand Juliet’s love is a perfect blending of body and soul.	The obstacle which is a feature of the amour-passionlegend is partly external, the family feud; but is partly asword of the lovers’ won tempering since, unlike earliertellers of the story, Shakespeare leaves us with noexplanation of why Romeo did not put Juliet on his horse andmake for Manturia(Mahood 392). If Romeo would leave Veronawith his love Juliet both will live with each other andcould be in love till they are old and gray, but insteadRomeo leaves with out his love and die young with eachother.

;#9;The love of Romeo and Juliet is immediate violent andfinal. In the voyage of the play they abandon themselves toa rudderless course that must end in ship wreck(Mahood 392).”Thou desperate pilot, now at once run on thedashing rocks, thy sea sick weary burke: He eresmy Louve.”(V.iiii 117-119);#9;The theme of Romeo and Juliet is love and violence andtheir interactions. In it these two mightiest of mightyopposites meet each other squarely – and one wins(Goddard118). The whole secrete of the play is that the deaths of Wise,3the lovers are not the result of the hatred of the houses,nor of any other cause except love itself, which seeks deathin its own restoring cordial. Love conquers death even moresurly than it defeats hate.

It sweeps aside all accidentsso that fate itself seems powerless. Time is defeated, inthat first stirring of a belief that Shakespeare came laterto trust completely: that the intensity of an emotion towersabove its temporal duration or success(Stauffer 32). WhatStauffer is trying to say is that love is very powerful andeven in death the love continues. ;#9;Romeo finds Juliet’ssleeping body after she had drank the potion, and hebelieves her to be dead. Romeo is slain when Juliet wakesup from here sleep. Out of fear and love she inserts adagger into her heart with the famous line “Oh happydagger”. Even though the two lovers are dead their lovecontinues.

	The love between Romeo and Juliet was forbidden by thetwo families because of their hatred for each other. Mostreligions say to honor your parents and if their parents newof the love it could have been disaterious. 	After Juliet marries Romeo the Nurse tries to convinceJuliet to commit bigamy. She wants here to marry Paris sothat all will be right with here father and the rest of theCapulet family, Juliet refuses.Wise,4	At the time Romeo meets Juliet, he is infatuated with awoman named Roseline. Romeo’s moon struck calf-love forRosaline must be laughed out of him by his friends Benvolioand Mercutio, by his guide Friar Lawrence and by his owntrue love. For Romeo doting upon Rosalin, love was maladyand religion; for Mercutio it is sheer lunacy or a brutalconquest(Mahood 398).

;#9;;#9;Mercutio’s realm of love was lust, also very falseby nature. For all the bad things the be said about lust,it is where all the jokes are and Mercutio being a jokerused it to his full advantage. In trying to call Romeo overthe wall, he tried a certain amount of discussion aboutRosline’s body and, when dealing with the nurse, sang arather lewd song.

Today Mercutio’s song would beconsiderable less appreciated and would more likely get himslapped with sexual harassment charges. However, justbecause society doesn’t like something doesn’t mean that isdoesn’t exist. Even with the progress society has made,there are a lot of dirty jokes still out there.

;#9;The love in Verona may be a cult. After Romeo seesJuliet at the dance he immediately falls in love with her. He become obsessed with her.

Romeo of the Monagues, after asentimental and unrequited languishing after one Rosaline,falls in love at first sight with Juliet, of the Capulets,and instantly instilled enmity of generations is dissipated Wise,5like mist by morning sunshine and love that embraces Julietembraces everything that Juliet touches or that touchesher(Goddard 119). They are both filled with love and itmakes them quest for each other.;#9;Romeo and Juliet shared a true love for one another. Both Romeo and Juliet were willing to forsake those thingsthat were important to them for each other. True love isthe most powerful of all in Romeo and Juliet and in the realworld.

The nature of love hasn’t changed but, with theevolution of our society, it’s expression has changedslightly. Of all the things is the world, love is the mosttimeless and it is this which makes the story of Romeo andJuliet timeless.


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