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Search Engine Optimization:  

what Is Search Engine Optimization?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is
the process of optimizing your website based on search engine guidelines, then
it will increase website or web page online visibility by appearing website in
top of search engine results page according to users query ( Keywords ) in browsers.So that you get natural or organic or
unpaid traffic or visitors to your site. These visitors can be converted into
customers. This SEO is also used to target image search, video search, text
search etc.

SEO can be done in
2 Parts which are On-page Optimization and Off-page Optimization. SEO can be
done in 3 ways which are White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO.

On-Page Optimization is used to
make our website search engine friendly & also user-friendly. It includes Heading(H1,
H2, H3,..H6), Content, URL Optimization, Meta Tags (Title, Description, Robots,
OG) Optimization, Bread Crumbs, Image, Video, Canonical, Anchor Linking, Social
Media Likes & Shares Buttons, Footer Optimization and also it includes
Server optimization these are Non-www To www, Robots.Txt, Sitemap Submission,
Change Of Address(301, 302 Redirections), 404 Error Fixes.

Off-Page Optimization is used to
get to traffic from outside world into our website by listing our website into
the other websites. These Includes

Ø  Link Building

Ø  Local Listings

Ø  Directory Submissions

Ø  Social Bookmarking

Ø  Classified Ads

Ø  Image Sharing

Ø  Video Sharing

Ø  Article Submissions

Ø  Guest Posting

Ø  RSS feeds Submission

Ø  Profile Creation

Ø  Web 2.0

Ø  Blog commenting

Ø  Forum Discussion

Ø  PPT & PDF Submission

Ø  Search Engine Submission

Ø  Question & Answers

We have 101 ways to do backlinks but some of the important ways are
mentioned above.


White Hat SEO is the one and an only effective way to do SEO. This technique mainly focuses
on more website visibility on search engine through quality content and quality
backlinks. SEO with all search engine guidelines will comes under white hat SEO
techniques.  Following are the some of the
important white hat SEO techniques

Quality Content

Keyword Research & Use of

Quality Relevant Backlinks

Internal Anchor Linking


Black Hat SEO is the one on the ways to do SEO to rank your website irrespective of search
engine guidelines. It is not recommended by any search engines, following are
the some of black hat SEO techniques

Unrelated Keywords

Keyword Stuffing In Content

Doorway Pages


Hidden Text or Links

Gray Hat SEO is the combination of black hat & White hat SEO techniques

SEO Life Cycle & step by step process:

How SEO grow your Business?

            Do you know
3.3 billion searches occurring on google? 
Why don’t you drive traffic from these searches? Here is the solution to
this. SEO is the cheap & effective way to grow your business online. It Increases
the Exposure of your website on the Search Engines & Online Platforms.

            Most of the people investing lakhs
of rupees for sponsor ads to get traffic from social media and also from search
engines. Do you know you can earn more than ads traffic without investing lakhs
of rupees by doing SEO?.

            If you want to do SEO for your
website then you need to invest in quality content, SEO specialist to
optimize your website, So within thousands of rupees,
your business will grow automatically.






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