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Scienceand technology has become the driving force behind the innovation in todays dynamicsociety. The development has created a tremendous impact on almost all theaspects people’s life. The perfect example to prove the above mentioned factwould be the food industry, where not only technology but the existence of boththe scientific knowledge and technology influences the variety and quality offood. Genetically modified foods are gradually becoming common in manycountries. However, before one opts for these foods it is very important toknow about the advantages and disadvantages of these genetically modifiedfoods. The following essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages ofgenetically modified foods.

  Tobegin with there are several ways the quality and variety of foods hasbenefited. Firstly, it has improved the agriculture industry in many ways. Geneticallymodified crops grow faster than the foods that are grown in the traditionalmanner. Due to this, productivity increases, providing the population with morefood.

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Apart from this, it is claimed that foods are modified to endure extremeclimate changeability. For instance, the soil which is useless for agriculture,it is difficult to grow normal crops. Genetically modified food crops can begrown at places with unfavourable climate conditions. Thus, these crops havealso increased availability in off seasons. Moreover,technology and scientific advancements has greatly improved not only theagriculture industry but also the quality of food for individuals. The food haslargely become safe tasty, and nutrients in terms of vitamin or mineral content than those found intraditionally grown foods. “Sensitive nutrients can bepreserved, important vitamins and minerals can be added, toxins andantinutrients can be removed, and foods can be designed to optimize health andreduce the risk of disease” (John,D.F, 2010).

Thus, people who suffer withspecific health conditions are offered modified foods to meet their needs. Forexample, people with diabetes can consume sugar- free foods with an alternativesweetener, hence optimizing health and improving the quality of life ofindividuals. Another positive impact of advancement of science and technologyproduces variety, animals and plants can be tailor- made to show desirablecharacteristics. Example, genes can be manipulated to produce variety of vegetables– seedless tomatoes, seedless lime, thus producing a variety of foods.

  Although, “today the public generally embracesand enjoys key bene?ts of the food supply value, consistency, and conveniencethe cost to society of obtaining these bene?ts is too high” (Clydesdale1989;).  There are also somedisadvantages associated with the foods these genetically modified foods.Furthermore,”today the public generally embraces and enjoys key bene?ts of the food supplyvalue, consistency, and convenience the cost to society of obtaining thesebene?ts is too high” (Clydesdale 1989;). The increasing prevalence of obesity is one of the common effects oftechnologically and scientifically produced food.

Some people might eat junkfoods  everyday as they are too busy withworking life and do not have time to cook organic and nutritious food. Thesefoods contain high amount of additives and uses chemicals in production thuswhen people consume in excess they end up being obese. Toadd on, another negative impact is if “the food industry has incorrectlyapplied the knowledge of food science and technology to develop processed foodsit can result in poor dietary habits” (Schmidt 2009, p.

385). The knowledge ofchemistry and physical properties of food elements allows the food industry tomake processed foods that eventually results in overeating and causing thepopulation to develop bad eating habits and this is the cause of chronicdisease. Another disadvantage of technologically and scientifically modifiedfood is reduced nutritional value as this reduces the quality of food. Somegenetically modified foods have been reported to be containing less nutritionalvalue.

Because genetically modified foods focus more on increasing theirproduction, prolonging their lifespan and ability to deter pest, thenutritional value of some crops is sometimes being compromised. Hence, bygenetically modifying foods, quality is compromised over quantity. “Animalproducts such as meat, milk and eggs often contain genetically modified foods,because the food fed to livestock are from crops that have been geneticallymodified” (Erica, K, 2017).  To conclude, the advancement of science andtechnology brings a lot of benefit to individuals in terms of making theirdaily activities easy.

However, mankind should be wise and vigilant whenchoosing foods to avoid harmful impacts on their lives. These new creations dueto technology and science is like a two edged sword. There are some negativeeffects, but there are many positive effects as applications of science andtechnology in the food industry has allowed production of foods in adequatequantities, enhances food quality and variety to meet the needs of the society.


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