Ryan Vergara-Mangan

Which side would you have chosen? This paper explains why this author
would have supported the north for 3 key reasons: Slavery, unity, and the
legacy of the revolution.

The first reason is that slavery is wrong. It is an abomination to
humanity. The slaves were also mistreated. They were like animals. They
were also transported to this country against their will. They were brought
via slave ships that many slaves died on. They had no say they were forced
on board. Just like animals. This is one of the reasons why some would
support the north.

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Then there is unity. According to the north the original reason for
the civil war was to preserve the union. If the union was preserved the US
might stand a chance in the future. Also this would signal the end of the
republic experiment as the US being the only republic able to stand since
Greece. The founding fathers took a risk of making this country so, and
they even disputed about policy, like Jefferson in states rights. Lincoln
said it best, “A house divided cannot stand!”
Last of all there are the founding fathers. Washington would be
ashamed of the south for breaking away. The colonies were slaves to the
British, and now the Africans as slaves to the colonists. However you cant
really blame the south, the were following Jefferson. They were the same
founding fathers that said all men are created equal. Needless to say, they
would be ashamed of the confederacy.

This concludes this history paper. Hopefully you have gained insight
in the paper.


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