Romare was painted by Bearden with watercolors, creating

            Romare Bearden’s Golgothawas created in 1945 and displays the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The scenewas drawn with ink and graphite on a piece of paper. It was painted by Beardenwith watercolors, creating a light and elegant piece. This would categorize themasterpiece as a drawing even though it is later painted. The artwork is 19.875by 25.

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5 inches. It is part of a collection Bearden created called The Passion of Christ. It is featured inthe Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The drawing shows Jesus on a largecross that is the centerpiece of the image.

He has crossed legs, a crown ofthorns, a hanging head, and outstretched arms attached to the cross. There aretwo men on crosses beside Jesus, also with outstretched arms. There are guardson either side looking up at Jesus on the cross with arrows and a shield.

Thereare also members of the crowd looking away as if in mourning. There are brightwatercolors that include red, green, yellow, blue, brown, and pink that make upthe background of the piece.            The work of art is a unique way to demonstrate thetragedy that was the death of innocence. The ink and graphite used to outlineand draw the important aspects in the art work made it easy to decipher andunderstand. The piece was accurate in the simple details of the real event, inthat Jesus was crucified beside two other people, a crowd gathered, and therewere guards. However, the drawing did not portray the pain that is assumed tobe seen in a piece involving crucifixion.

There was no emotion of Jesus, thetwo men, or the crowd. Emotion would have added more depth to the painting.More onlookers could have related to the pain the people in the painting wouldhave experienced. The coloring of the piece was sporadic and distracts from themeaning and purpose of the piece. However, the coloring was still a beautifulchoice.

Even if the painting could use more depth, it is still a famous andbeautiful piece of art that helped shape Bearden as an artist.


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