Rodney since it has good opening and it

Rodney Emmanuel


I am applying for Computer Science because I am very
fascinated by this subject.

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In my early years when my family bought their first desktop
running on windows xp, my favourite program was paint but I was more interested
in the gaming side of it. Recently, I have been studying subjects related to
coding and programming which I find even more interesting. During the last few
years I have been choosing IT as my main subject, I was also curious about the
Creative and Digital Media part of it, but decided to choose Computing as my
career since it has good opening and it is modern with lot more challenges.

I enjoy learning about computers and I believe if I study
this in depth in higher education, it will enable me to approach to the most
recent technologies and allow me to practise myself in a competitive environment.

I am currently doing an Access course in which I am learning
a substantial amount of HTML in our Website Design & Production Unit and
self-teaching. The previous year I did ICT Level 2 and this subject helped me
to be where I am now. In my class I learn how to work with a group of students,
do presentations and summarise articles which helped me develop my
communication skills, sense of responsibility, and my determination to carry on
with higher education!

I have signed up for several websites on the internet to
practise my general knowledge about different subject concerning Information
Technology. I also watch films and listen to music videos when I have spare
time. I enjoy being up-to-date with the recent technologies.

While I was doing my IT courses I used to work part time in
a local restaurant. First, I was a kitchen member which helped me to work in a
team, communicate with my team members and be responsible. Later, I started to
move on the floor at the bar helping the barman and the barista to serve
cocktails to the customers and handling cash at the till. Finally, I started to
work on the floor  where I was getting
more involved by communicating with the customers and serving them what they
had ordered, it also helped me to save up some money.



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