Religion in Australia

Year 11
HESS restricted
Religion in Australia
Practical assignment
Part One-Guest speakers (Lawyers)
Everyday as the world is becoming more dangerous, mostly involving
confliction between countries which result in war and terrorists events,
innocent are seeking for asylum, where people escape from persecution
within their homeland. High populations of these needy people are entering
Australia in order renew their life as well a improved environment for
their children to live and study. However, due to laws people are not
allowed to enter Australia without a visa permit, therefore in result these
homeless people are sent to detention centers where they are kept locked up
for years.

Having the government state these people as unlawful people with intentions
of harming Australia and its people, the media are generally spreading the
rumors about these incidents and people involved. Having to only spread
information on what the government have to say and assume, not having to
realize that there are still people who are clean and innocent but are
finding a way to live life in peace.

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The speech of Hannah and Jane giving the insight of the conditions of
Baxter Detention Center had come to be unbelievable and unbearable to look.

These high fenced isolated centers holding a huge mass of refugees has
restricted any lawyers or visitors to enter the centre. Within these the
centre, there would be a lack of green plants having to give no rights of
planting any. As well inside there would be only a little medical centre,
having to have a high population within, people who were sick had to wait
for their turn. The only thing the people could do in there was only watch
television, play on computers or only watch the sky as there was no window
in order to view the outside world. These people were given the lease
amount of human rights. The only human rights were acted upon those to get
accepted due to the seeking of refuge from war, persecution discrimination
and fears of future life. Not taking notice of any men, women or children,
everyone was treated the same like a farm full of animals. Through the
process of detaining these helpless people, the government of Australia has
failed to support any matter of need and human rights, but instead doing
the opposite and imprisoning them in these thick high walls. By keeping
them in these centers only makes their life even worst as they can’t let go
of the vision hold inside them of dramatic events they have seen. The
government doesn’t see the bright side of letting these people free into
the country, having people employ more business and able to realize that
they are rescuing lives from persecution, but instead they are acting
against what the law states where man and women has the right to live a
happy life.

These stories conflict the images that are presented in the media due to
the fact that the only source that is providing the story is through the
governments views and not what the public have to see for themselves as the
area are restricted and forbidden. As a result from these cruel inhuman
detaining, many people of the public are against what the government is
doing to these people, as today children at a young age realizes these

Part Two-Surveys and interviews
The main purpose of this assignment is to why refugees are being treated in
this way and why they come into out country to seek for asylum. Through the
process of surveying and interviewing, we will be show what the public has
to say about this matter and also their religious points of view.

My aim for surveying about this topic is targeted on the range of different
ages, giving each their opinions about this. The reason why I chose to
survey people at different ages is because I believe at different ages
people have different view having to refer to their knowledge about the
issue, giving them a better understanding providing them with better

As present on a chart above, it is shown that out of ten people 6 people
say that they do not support the government in stance on asylum seekers,
whereas the other 4 do. From these 4 people that said they do support the
government due to the fact that they are illegally entering a country
without any visa permitted and saying that at least the government have
provided them a bed and shelter to stay, rather then being persecuted
wherever they live. They also say that the media isn’t also fair to


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