Regarding a turbo and positive displacement machines, I

Regarding the basic concept underlying functioning of turbo machinery, I find the lesson realistic. The turbo machine is involved in the transfer of energy, thus the need for energy within its components. Both the flowing fluid and rotating element which are critical to the transfer process possess kinetic energy. Other stationary elements within the device such as guide vanes possess potential energy. A reaction needs to occur for the transfer of energy from one object to another. In the case of a turbo machine, the response has been attributed to the dynamic process. Transfer of energy results to changes in velocities of objects involved. A change in momentum of the fluid is due to the change in speed.

Apart from clearly advancing the core functioning concept of turbo machinery, the learning outcome has differentiated the types of turbo machinery and presented reasons for their classifications in that manner. Turbo machines are used in various fields and industries. Therefore, each area requires a particular turbo machine that will cater for its requirements. For instance, the type of fluids used tends to portray different properties in respect to aspects such as density and whether they are compressible or not. Classification of turbomachinery enables one to identify the best-suited device for a specific user-based on its configuration.

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Regarding a comparison between a turbo and positive displacement machines, I find the learning material very interesting. The lesson has represented similarities and differences in their mode of operations. Both devices are similar since they all generate thermodynamic action. However, the surfaces of turbo machines are characterized by rapid movement of fluids, whereas positive displacement device’s surface is relatively slower. In addition to that turbo machines are less complex and can rotate in high speed whereas positive displacement can’t.



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