Real-Time a person so that you have the

Collaboration of code between the members of the team/s is the gist of our
project. First, let’s give the part collaborative meeting meaning, your
teammate sees the Context 1 of the workspace in their person in control of the
paper. This means your teammate can read the code you shared without having to
copy a repository or put in a position of authority any dependent relations
your code is dependent on.

development of a software using the concept of operational transformation to
manage the versions created by the team members in a single piece of code.

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collaborative part lets you give part the Context 1 of the code, so you get a
short time, as a 2-way working mechanism. Each of you can use a plugin for
making or putting the right things that you have made for a person so that you have
the freedom to create the development environment. You cannot dependently make
an observation of a question under discussion without stepping on each other.

There is no need for handing-off control or amount with latency. Do the work
together with the shared environment only when you need to.


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