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re a lot of critical issues facing our world today; the one that stands out the most is police brutality. Police brutality is one of several forms of police misconduct which involves undue violence by police members. It is also the use of excessive force usually physical, but also can be in forms of verbal attacks and psychological intimidation by some police officer. Some police officers also use their power for no valuable reason or use their power to their own advantage. Some forms of misconduct that police officers do is false arrest, intimidation, racial profiling and sexual abuse. A lot of people fear officers because of all the misconduct.

 However, they should be able to trust them and go to them for help in their time of need. It is mostly the minorities that are scared to trust officers because they are being attacked by them. Not all police officers are the same but once one police officer gets away with not following the rules, misconduct or using their power for other things, it is more likely the other officers will then do the same and get away with it.Police brutality is a serious matter because people do not feel safe around police officers anymore. We should be able to call the police in our time of need or walk pass them without being scared of being targeted, getting arrested, harmed or a ticketed. Nearly almost every day there is a different incident surfacing on the internet that shows police brutality going on. As a minority, I want to be able to walk outside and not fear the officers; rather appreciate their dedication for protecting us.

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Instead, I fear my family members leaving the house because you never know what they are going to face; especially with officers arresting and/or killing Black men and women, attacking or verbally abusing minorities because of the color of their skin or their social class; poverty.The internet is one of the main sources where people are seeing police brutality happen on a frequent basis. Several police brutality incidents are shown throughout the web and posted all over social media. It is also written about in books, blogs, newspapers and talked about on television. Police brutality wouldn’t be considered a major crisis if it wasn’t for social media and the internet. People share or send the post of videos showing officers abusing their power by verbally and physically attacking minorities; mostly black, to their friends and family so everyone can know how police officers are getting away with misconduct.

 Even more frightening and disgusting is the fact that most police officers get away with their barbaric actions because the judicial system rarely prosecutes or award jail time.I am against police brutality and feel like everyone as a whole should put a stop to it. Police officers should not be able to use or abuse their powers. They should not be able to get away with not following the rules.  Police officers should lead by example.  People should be able to feel safe around officers.  I do not feel safe knowing we have some corrupt police officers verbally and physically attacking minorities because one day that can be me or one of my family members.

A video of an officer attacking a black man for no reason was the death of Eric Garner. A police officer put Mr. Garner in a chokehold that he could not breathe in; after already having him surrender and lay on the ground, the officer still decided to choke him out while hearing him yell I can’t breathe. There are also videos of them killing/ arresting or just attacking black men/minorities just because of their skin color or who they are. Seeing my dad get pulled over multiple times because he is black is another reason why police brutality bothers me and need to be stopped.

 They dragged him out the car in front of me, searched the car found nothing and said “You fit the description of someone we were looking for” then let him go. The next time they said his back light was out, which it was never out and I can name a few other times.  It’s humiliating and embarrassing.  Police brutality needs to come to an end immediately. Police officers give tickets out like candy on Halloween.

It is not fair to the citizens, especially the minorities.  It is not ethical that mostly minorities are attacked and abused. We should all be treated like equals but sadly minorities are not and because most officers get away with the crimes they commit against them. As stated earlier, police officers are allowed to kill without losing their job, even if they killed someone for no reason.  They still avoid jail time and/or get to keep their job.  Some officers who were able to keep their job after killing a black citizen for no reason are Betty Shelby, a former Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer; Ray Tensing, a former University of Cincinnati police officer; Dominique Heaggan-Brown, a Milwaukee police officer; Jeronimo Yanez, a former St. Anthony, Minnesota, officer and Jason Stockley, a former St. Louis police officer.

They were all found Not guilty verdicts or mistrials.My perspective on police brutality is it is a major issue/crisis that needs to end. With me being a black female, I can encourage others to come together to put an end to police brutality. I can put together protests, share information on police officers that aren’t following the rules, report them and try to get them to be put on probation or terminated; but even doing that will be a struggle since many political higher-up figures protect them.  I can get more minorities to come together as one and agree to try and put an end to police brutality; whether that means going on strike or fighting for equal rights. Some ways to resolve police brutality is to train officers all over again as well as mandate yearly training for them. Training should include cultural sensitive training, crisis training, crisis de-escalation training and conflict resolution training.

 The training should also remove target training that trains them to shoot at the “Black” figure in the center of the white paper.  That psychologically trains officers to be prepared to shoot and kill Black people.  Police officers that were charged, but acquitted for police brutality should resign or get fired.  In addition, the judicial system should be responsible for making sure that if a person is arrested for no reason, that they do not have a criminal record or charges. Instead, the police officer is giving a warning first before losing their job for engaging in the same unethical behaviors a second time.

 Being stricter on officers will help to minimize the situation especially by ensuring that any officers who do not follow the rules get terminated with no way of getting back into law enforcement at all.In conclusion, police brutality is one of the major crisis in the American Society today. In Canada citizens are killed by officers because of the proper training they were given. Canada recorded an average of 12 fatal police shootings a year between 1999 and 2009. We are facing a real-life situation that needs to come to an end before a war breaks out against officers and minorities.

We do not need officers fighting with citizens. We all need to stand united as one.  There are going to have to be a lot of changes to change police behavior towards minorities and to reduce police brutality over all. It’s time that these countless deaths, barbaric attacks, racial discrimination through racialprofiling, sexual abuse and psychological under police supervision comes to an end. The more society as a whole works together to change these practices, the more we can get done.  Policing can change and police brutality can come to an end in time. 


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