Rachel has given us a birds eye

RachelBalcerzak                               Paper 2                                                              01/26/18             The world is becoming moreculturally diverse. The internet has given us a birds eye view of othercultural beliefs and practices.

Ethnocentrism is the belief that ones’ way ofdoing things is superior to another’s. When one believes that his/her cultureis better than another, this leads to conflicts.  Morality differs from society to society allover the world. People have different ways of life and different views.

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            At a young age we are taught thedifference between what is right and wrong based on our cultural views. Althoughwe are taught this, there may be things that we view as wrong even in our ownculture, that is considered subjectivism. If there is something in my culturethat I think is wrong, that is my own choice and subjectivism is about theindividual only. On the other hand, in the example from the book, the groupthat agrees cheating is acceptable are in a conventionalist system.

When agroup agrees that it is morally acceptable, that is conventionalism.             Moral ethical relativism,conventionalism and subjectivism are all different theories, none of which haveat least one moral principle. Objectivism is one theory that does have at leastone principle. As William Ross said in this excerpt, moral principles are rulesthat should be followed, however in a case of moral conflict they can beoverridden. I think that is what is right, there should be at least one principlein which it should be followed, conflicts can come up and depending on what itis, that principle can be overridden to resolve the conflict.             In this day and age, no matter whatthe principle is, they will always be changing, now and for years to come. Peopleneed to do what they feel is morally right, we cant control the actions thatothers make.


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