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QuickBooks are very important accounting software which comes up to our mind every time we think of “small business accounting software”. It is used to design payrolls, inventory, sales and management of small business. To manage the sales and expenses of Solo Entrepreneur or a mid-sized business, QuickBooks are a god’s gift to them!

They offer an extensive line-up of organizational capabilities helping companies to keep accounting data organized. Generally, small businessmen use it to generate month-end or year-end financial reports or to prepare quarterly or annual taxes. This easy solution software enables the user to do the task alone or have an outsourced book-keeper eradicating the hitch of doing it manually.

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If you are using it for a while now then you must be familiar with its basic features and attributes that differentiate it from the rest. If not, you can consult QuickBooks Technical Support where you will get speedy help from the professionals.

Have you been tired of scratching your head trying to figure out where the data goes into your computer? Then you have to go through these facile ways to make your vision clear:-

1)      Open the file you were working on.

2)      Click File and then in the menu bar open the previous company file.

3)      From there, you will get to know where your file is situated.

4)      You will see option like c:Program FilesIntuitetc which is known as “path”.

5)      You can easily find this via My Computer by searching the “path” to get it by going to the c drive and then Program Files.


Note: You will see up to four of them listed if you try this technique while working on multiple files.

The other way would be by tapping the F2 key or using the Ctrl+1 button. A screen will pop up which will give the details of your QuickBooks data and from there you can easily locate your file.

If you are looking for more aid regarding this matter and want instant replies then connect to QuickBooks Technical Number where you will reach our attendants ready to solve your queries.




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