Question in its own right and thus, looks

Question 1


The distinguishing feature of modern day realism is its utilization of
the power notion to

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clarify the course of international politics. Realism associates
international law with power

so far as international law is considered the greatest tool. Nevertheless,
international law and power are often compared. A realist standpoint considers
international law to have no importance in its own right and thus, looks to determine
why States obey international law. The realist depiction of international law
is incapable of accounting for occasions when influential States demonstrate
deference to international law although doing so seems to be conflicting to
their interests. To overcome the shortcomings of the modern realist interpretation,
new concepts description must clearly deal with the relationship of
international law to wider structures of power. Idealism standpoint for enhancing
the course of international law is through eradicating combat, starvation, disparity,
oppression, force, suppression and viciousness from international relations. It
put so much trust in international law. To eliminate these vices is the
objective before humankind. Idealism acknowledges the likelihood of creating a
world free from these immoralities by relying on reason, science and education.
idealism in international relations signifies a collection of notions which
together resist war and supports the modification of international community
through dependence upon ethical principles and the improvement of international
organisations and international law. The Idealist method supports ethics as the
means for safeguarding the anticipated objective of making the world an ideal one.
It trusts that by ensuing morality and ethical principles in their dealings,
nations would not only protect their own advancement, but would also help the
world to eradicate war, disparity, autocracy, domination, viciousness, and
force. Due to these issues concerning morality, Idealism tries to promote the importance
of improving relationships between nations by eradicating the evils present in
the international environment.




Question 2


the State’s role in international law, it would obviously appear that a reasonable
meaning of a State exists in international law, in order to figure out which
entity may be viewed as one. The development of the State is connected to the
ability to exercise control over a characterized territory. This was at one
point reflected though the rule of cuius region, euius religio and became
essential with the risen specialized abilities of border demarcation, the risen
centralization of power within the State and the rise of nationalism. Due to
the strategic, economic and symbolic significance of territory, it is actually
not surprising that in the modern era many territorial controversies and disagreement
over border demarcation still exist. However, the presence of this disputes is
not a hindrance to gaining statehood in international law. Israel for instance,
was accepted to the United Nations although it had disagreements with the Arab
States. A permanent population is another vital characteristic for states. No
specification in regard to the size of population is required. Also, international
law sets no requirements towards population. It does not choose which individual
belongs to a State. States are allowed to decide who they grant nationality to.
The final characteristic for state is the presence of a government able to
employ independent and potent control over the population and the territory. The
significance that is ascribed to the principle of independence and efficiency
is logical considering the predominantly decentralized nature of international
law. Because international law lacks a vital executive body, with the authority
to implement compliance with international obligations, this must often be
guaranteed by the States themselves. A State must be able to exercise its power within
its borders. This tells us that although states are considered in studying international
law, it is hardly affected. 


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