Wenesday joiner squirell, they have been the

Wenesday November 6, 1996Queen Mab Speech – Revised DraftI see that Queen Mab has been with you. She is the faries midwife, and her body is no bigger than agate stone that is on index finger of a alderman. She is drawn from a team of small atomies over mens noses as they sleep.

Her spokes are made of long spider legs, the cover is made from the wing of a grasshopper and her traces is the smallest of spider webs. Her collar is made of watery moonbeams, her whip is a cricket bone and her lash is made of a light film. Her driver is a small grey coated gnat, not half as big as a little round worm.

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That has been picked off the fingers of a virgin. Her Chariot is a empty hazel nut, made by the joiner squirell, they have been the coach makers for the faries. She goes through lovers brains, making them dream of love. Galloping over courtier knees, that they may dream proper curtsies and over lawyers fingers, who dream of money.

She gallops over ladies lips, who dream of kissing their lovers. This angers Queen Mab, plaguing thier lips because they are tainted with sweetmeats. Sometimes she comes over a courtiers nose. Who dream of the desire to gain office with the king, and sometimes she may come with a pigs tail, tickling parsons noses as he/she sleep.

Then he dreams of another lucrative church appointment. Sometimes she gallops over a soliders neck, he then dreams of cutting foreigh thoats, give farthoms deep. Then she drums in his ear, at when he wakes up frightened and says a prayer or two. Then falls back asleep. This is the same Queen Mab that knots the horses mane at night. That mats and cakes the tangles in your hair, said to be put their by elves, once untangled, misfortune will occur.

This is the burden of all virgins, when ladies lie on their backs she makes them learn how to bear children. This she is ….Category: English


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