Politicians and Social Order

Word Count: 1127A social order. A persons beliefs and values that allow
them to make the choices that to have the type of
government they want. My social order- one of an
African-American, 17-year-old, low middle-class female-
will differ widely from my mothers, or Shemairs, or even
your social order. For instance, I strongly value education.

So does my mother, Shemair, and I am sure you do, too.

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My mother might value my education because it will help
her later on in life. Shemair might value my education
because it means that we will be able to move out after
graduation. You as my teacher, will value my education
because it proves that your education was good and your
life as a teacher is worthwhile. I value my education for the
sake of getting knowledge. Everyone might have the same
value and yet they will have different reasons for valuing it.

The same is true of our political values. People might want
a strong government because of the type of social order
that they hold.
The government maintains my personal and political social
order. The government allows me to vote for people who
have the same purposes as I do. Representatives who fall
into my political social order are the ones who will get my
vote as I get older. For instance – the issue of abortion. I
am strongly against abortion for any reason at any time.

When it comes time to vote for people to be a part of my
state government, I am going to choose someone who
believes that killing at any stage in life is immoral. This way,
through elections, I will have the ability to participate in the
government. I will have someone who protects individual
rights, thus maintaining my social order, and keep the
government holding the same ideas as me.
The principle of our democratic government will allow me to express my
individualism. My personal liberty will be established because the government
protects our interacting values that we hold. Another value that we have is
the idea of equality of opportunity. This fact is evident in the decision to have
affirmative action used in places such as colleges, universities, and jobs. I
believe 100% that affirmative action is good and justifiable. I will vote for
someone who pushes for affirmative action in the state of Florida. My social
order clearly shows that I want someone who favors post-secondary
education, especially for minorities. Also, the idea of majority rule will be
upheld in all of the elections that we hold. This way I can have free expression
in my personal life, as well as in the political arena. The reason why I will be
protected is that our government says that all elections are to be free and fair.
Structures of Democracy
Another important idea is having certain limits on our
government. There are certain structures that are
established to control all three branches of government.

The idea of federalism shows that the governments power
is set up into two parts, the state and national government.

There is the concept of separation of power, which states
that each branch is given certain powers: the legislative
branch makes the laws, the executive branch applies the
laws, and the judiciary branch interprets the laws. Also, the
idea of checks and balances were set up to allow one
branch of the government the power to set up limitations on
the other branches. Another way that the government is
controlled is by means of limited government. The power of
our government right now is not absolute. This is a
protection that is set up in the Constitution to ensure that
the government does not get too powerful.

A few more important changes that need to be noted are
the amendments to the Constitution. These Amendments
have helped to extend civil liberties, These amendments
show what the power of judicial review has done for
everyone in the country, and not just for the people
involved. The first, and most important one (at least to me),
is Amendment # 13, which abolished slavery. If this
amendment was not established, I would probably be
someones mistress or cooking someones dinner rather
than learning about how and why slavery was abolished.

Next is Amendment # 19, which gave women the right to
vote. Even though black men were given the right to vote in
1870, if this amendment wasnt passed in 1920, I still
wouldnt have a voice in governmental affairs. The last
amendment that has helped not only me, but also all of your
classes is Amendment # 26, which gave 18-year-olds the


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