Plagiarism work. Paraphrasing allows you to use your

            Plagiarism is a really important
topic to understand because committing plagiarism can have a negative impact on
one’s life. Plagiarism is when you use another person’s work without proper
citation. It is basically stealing another person’s knowledge.  However there are other things that fall
under plagiarism. Reusing you own work for multiple classes also fall under the
category of plagiarism.

            Paraphrasing and using information
from cited sources is not plagiarism. By citing the sources, you are
acknowledging that you are using another person’s idea or work. Paraphrasing
allows you to use your own words so you can avoid copying information. Also
using common knowledge such as easy facts is not considered plagiarism. Common
knowledge is accepted by the world as the truth so citations are not needed.

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As stated before citing sources is the best way to
avoid accidental plagiarism.  Listing the
sources show the reader where your information was obtained. Another way to
avoid plagiarism is careful planning. By using carefully planning what you are
going to write, you can organism your paper and see what outside information
you need to include so that you can cite it.





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