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Peter is a client who was very active in high school and college and had stopped once he was out of school. I can see that he needs help with creating a healthier and more active lifestyle for himself in order to achieve the goals that he has set. Peter’s diet mainly consists of processed and prepackaged food that are easy, fast, and convenient to make. During our first consultation I will explain to Peter the changes that he needs to make and how I will be there helping and encouraging him to work hard to achieve his goals.

I will explain to him everything that needs to be done for these next three months in order for him to be able to see progress. During our consultation I will make sure to go over training fees and ask Peter if there are any problems in the areas that he would be working out. Before we begin training I will make sure to ask if there are any health problems or any medications that he is currently taking. If so I will first speak to his primary doctor to make sure that he is able to train. I will then take Peter on a tour of the fitness center showing him where everything is and making sure he is comfortable with what we have discussed. I will set up the first training session with Peter and discuss what times are best for him to start training.

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I will also inform Peter that we will make time before his training session to have him fill out a release of liability form and to take body weight and measurements so we can track his progress. As a trainer I will make sure to continue to encourage Peter throughout his fitness journey and make sure that he does not give up.During the training sessions we will follow the 12-week periodized training program that is listed below. Peter has a resting heart rate at 80 beats per minute and I have calculated his minimum training heart rate to be at 147.2 beats per min and his maximum training heart rate at 169.6 beats per minute.

His target heart rate needs to be around 147.2-169.6 beats per minute. My reasoning for the first circuit training is to help build Peters ligament and tendon strength and to also let him adjust and get back into a workout routine.

This will also help me see where Peter is at on his fitness level and what he needs to work more on. Circuit training is a combination of weight training and cardio that are short in time but give you those maximum results if you push yourself. It is also known to be one of the best workout routines to help burn fat while toning/defining the muscles at the same time which is a part of Peter’s goals.

The next 2 workout routines I have created is a weight training workout along with a short session of cardio. We will up the intensity in the workout routines to get Peter’s heart rate going and to really focus on toning, building his muscles, and losing weight. I also will incorporate a day for a short warm up to get the muscles warm then strictly stretching.

This will help improve Peter’s flexibility to help prevent injuries during training sessions. I will make sure to track Peter’s progress and make sure that he is satisfied with everything. I will be able to change or revise anything if needed.I have calculated Peter’s BMR and it is 2,415 calories a day. My nutritional strategy for Peter is to have him intake this many calories a day. If he is making good progress, I will keep this strategy but if not I will adjust his calorie intake and meal plan. For Peter’s weight I would suggest he intake 220-250g of protein daily. For breakfast the necessary types of foods should be eggs, whole grain toast, full-fat yogurt, fruit, or whole grain original oatmeal.

Lunch and Dinner should consist of foods like lean meat, fish, vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, barley, or whole wheat pasta. Snacking throughout the day and between meals is also very important to keep the metabolism running in order to burn fat. These snacks should consist of things like full-fat yogurt, natural organic peanut butter, whole natural almonds, or fruit. During this process we will measure and weigh Peter to make sure he is making progress.


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