Pet use for decorating foods especially for flavoring

is now very often in children, the usual pets were dogs, cats, birds and etc.
but now some people consider fishes as a pet and Carassius auratus (goldfish) is one of the most common fishes that
typically kept by teenagers as well as children, Carassius auratus (goldfish) is a pet that commonly kept by
children it is usually see in fishbowl and same as aquarium, having a Carassius auratus (goldfish) at home
makes the house more attractive, what more if it is big these kind of fish
usually see in eastern part of asia, goldfish is one
of the most reviewed senses of vision in fish. Carassius auratus (goldfish) is sociable;
it also has features of learning behavior as well as displaying
the same types of feeding behaviors. diet of the Carassius auratus (goldfish) contains crustaceans, insects and
different kinds of plant, like other fish they are smart feeders, overfeeding
can destroy their health, mostly by blocking their intestines, overfeeding
can sometimes be distinguish by penetrating faeces tracking from the
fish’s cloaca, Like some
other popular aquarium fish, such as the cichlids, goldfish and other carp are regularly
added to standing bodies of water to
decrease the number of mosquito populations. They are used to avoid the spread of west nile


Parsley is dried leaves of hardy biennial herb Petroselinum crispum (parsley) this is
possibly the most popular and used herb in United States, it is usually use for
decorating foods especially for flavoring of appetizers, parsley is use to add
flavors and decorate food as well. Pick Petroselinum
crispum with radiant green leaves without any signs of failing. Even though
there are many variations, the most common are the flat-leaf and the curly or
Italian parsley. The flat-leaf has a greater concentration of Petroselinum crispum’s
flavor and excess oil; do you think Petroselinum crispum can improve the
growth rate of Carassius auratus? What
if you combine Petroselinum crispum
with fish-food pellets? Petroselinum
crispum is a very great flavoring and good decoration which is available in
all market. It is composed of vitamin K, vitamin E and vitamin A, it was first
used before 12th century. it is applicable as a digestive aid with its high
fiber content Petroselinum crispum
give natures best carotennoids.

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On the other hand, Carassius auratus needs Vitamin A and
bisulfate complex which is in Petroselinum
crispum, Even if there are so many herbs that can be use, we choose Petroselinum crispum because it has the
nutrients that Carassius auratus
needed to grow bigger, we choose Carassius
auratus because we noticed that Carassius
auratus is smaller than other fishes so that we can easily determine how
heavy did the fish improved.


As of 2010 the largest goldfish
is having 16 inches and 2.3 kg. Found in a pond in England.





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