Personality openness, and neuroticism. Scientists have discovered that

is a persons own defining pattern of characteristic that allows them to act out
thoughts, and feelings, and behavior. It is what makes us, us.  No one has the same personality, while some
people have very similar personalities, your personality is your own. 

makes up our personality?  Well there are
quite a few factors to look at.  There is
the biological structure of your brain.  The big 5 personality traits come into play,
also known as the five-factor model (FFM); conscientiousness, agreeableness,
extraversion, openness, and neuroticism. 
Scientists have discovered that people that display extroverted
personalities tend to have a larger orbital and frontal cortex regions, then
those who have a larger lateral prefrontal cortex tend to be more conscientious.  Those are just a few examples of how brain
structures can potential effect one’s personality.

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brain, how its coded and reacts, and the genetic factors that attribute to your
specific demeanor and personality plays a crucial role.  A large role of our personality and temperament
development is genetic, however environmental factors help influence these as
well.  Science has discovered that there
are specific pathways, like dopamine and serotonin pathways, in the brain that
can be associated and linked to the development of one’s personality.  While several genes can be linked to the
development of personality traits.  When
children are born you can generally tell the kind of temperament they are going
to have really quickly, which is supposedly a precursor for how the child’s
personality will develop as they get older. 
There is also the noted similarities of children taking on similar
personality traits as their parents.  However,
genetics may play a role, environment will play an even larger role in how
those genetical factors play out.

think when it comes to my own personality, genetics has played the largest role
out of all of the above factors.  Genetics
has played a large role in how my personality has panned out, I am very similar
personality wise to my parents, but I have also developed new traits that they don’t
necessarily have because of specific environments I have been exposed to.  Working in a kitchen has caused me to develop
the vocabulary of a sailor and become very blunt, and that was simply because
if you needed to get your point across, there was no tip toeing around it, you
yelled and got straight to the point.  I can’t
attest to my specific brain structures however, because well I honestly have no
idea what they look like, although I am sure it would be very interesting to
see if there are any areas that are enlarged.  


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