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                             The patent information databases serves as the
inspiration and it acts as the tool for solving problems for the people who
work in R&D. IT provides information on competitors activities. The main
advantage of patent database is that it represents very often, the only source
of information about solving technical solutions, having in mind that it is the
first publication and sometimes the only one, due to the  invention protection – novelty. It
differs  between various countries. It is
classified into two categories, commercial and free patent databases.


databases provides patents after getting charges from the buyer. Some examples
for commercial patent database are 
LexisNexis, Minesoft etc. Advantages of these commercial patents
databases are numerous and widely useful for the research community people.

   List of commercial patent databases:

Total Patent Database




Thomson Innovation

WIPS Global

of chemical search databases:






Derwent World Patents
Index ® (DWPISM )


Merged Markush Service

search databases:

Genome quest – The
first intranet sequence search engine with percent identity and biological
searching. Genome Quest works similar to premier web search engines, rapidly
bubbling relevant records to the top. The software automates the reporting of
the most important and relevant matches, minimizing tedious research, while
providing advanced search algorithms so no relevant sequences are ever missed

STN – It is a online
database which provides global access to research article, journal, patents,
structures, sequences. STN is collaborated with CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe worldwide


                           Orbit is used to
search the Industrial designs ,Utility patents & Patent’s database. This is
one of the best including Design & Patent database. Orbit is used by Patent
analyst, IP Researcher, Legal Head and R head.

advantages of commercial database:


Provides integrated access to multiple sources
of patent and non-patent literature (NPL).

This will enhance understanding of
primary data through enhanced titles and abstracts.

Some patents include precise indexing to target search.

Provides online thesaurus to develop search.

It offers unique search tools to find specific or
Markush structures and sequence information.


It provides free access to all US and partial European databases. It’s
also normally  faster than USPTO(United
States Patent and Trademark Office) . It’s easy to get patents in electronic
forms(PDF) .This type of databases mostly used because it provides patent’s
free of cost (free patent some tools are used  in this type of databases.




                                       ( United
States Patent and Trademark Office) It provides patents  to the creator for their inventions,
trademark, product and intellectual property. It was formed in  January 2 ,1975 at Washington. Only the
electronic form of product and  the
patent document in the form of  pdf  is accepted. It does not give permission for
already existing projects. More than 16,020,302 entries were  submitted and 8,743,423 patents were given
permission by USPTO. The main aim is to  
strengthen the economy of the nation .It also provide training program
for the new inventor or creator.



European Patent Office) European Patent Organization ( EPOrg ) has two organs,
one is European Patent Office acting as an executive body of the organization and
the other one is Administrative council acting as a supervisory body and  also as a legislative body to it’s reserved
extent. EPO was established in the year 1977, its headquarters is in Munich,
Germany. The current president of EPO is Benoit Battistelli serving from July 2010.There are 6818 staffs in EPO.EPO had examiners to
investigate filled applications by applicants, in order to grant a patent for
invention. When EPO grants a patent then it is called European patents. English
,German and French are the official languages of EPO. There are five
departments in EPO. Receiving section examines the general
requirements for European Patent applications, Examining
divisions for investing prior granted patent
with the newly filed application, Opposition
divisions to examine the opposition’s of the
application in contrast to any European patent, Legal
divisions, Boards
of appeal to examine appeals, Enlarged board of appeal.
There are several free services offered by EPO along with ESPACENET and Open
Patent Services containing legal information comparing to published European




                 ESPACENET is also described as [email protected] It
is a web service carried out without any cost. This service is used for inquiry
of patents. ESPACENET accounts for the knowledge of patent appliance. Members
of this patent office have ESPACENET available in their own native language.
These members have access to worldwide databases which belongs to EPO, maximum
of these databases have English as their linguistic base. The ESPACENET global
ministration professed to hold records for publishing patents of greater than 9
crores in number. This record was claimed in 2015. The EPO has projected ESPACENET
in the year 1998. After this projection, it is said that the EPO has reformed
public approach to the contents of global patents. ESPACENET advanced the
“Smart Search” in 2009, which grants to build a query using a common formal
language. The EPO propelled “Patent Translate” which does a costless automatic
transcription for patents on the internet. This service to the users is updated
on all days. ESPACENET is accessed to trace the growth of newly emerging
technical knowledge. ESPACENET is used to catch clarifications to the
complications related to applied science. The major profit of accessing ESPACENET
is that we can examine the advancement of our competitors.                        




                      ( World Intellectual Property Organization
)  It was created in 1967. It is one of
the United Nations specialized agency. WIPO headquarters is situated in Geneva,
Switzerland. WIPO helps to encourage the right of creators and to promote the
protection of intellectual property throughout the world. The current Director
– General of WIPO is Francis Gurry. WIPO has 191 member states.It administers
26 international treaties. WIPO and NGO are cooperated to work in the field of
intellectual property. It undertakes activities in three main areas (A)
Development of intellectual property law (B) Encourage more effective use of IP
as a tool for economic development (C) Services to industry and private sectors
to facilitate the protection of intellectual property in multiple countries.
WIPO PCT assists applicants for seeking patent protection for their inventions.
WIPO MADRID system is cost effective solution to registering and managing the
trademark throughout the world. WIPO HAGUE system for the industrial design provides
a practical business solution. WIPO Technology and Innovation Support Centers
(TISCS) access high quality technology information. WIPO GREEN promotes
innovation and diffusion of green technology by connecting technology and
service. WIPO RESEARCH is an international consortium where IP shared by public
and private sectors organization and expertise with the global research






                             The IPO is an
official government body which governs the intellectual properties of UK.This
generates the law and policies to protect the intellectual property rights
which include copyrights, trademark, patents and design. This has a large
database for trademark, patents, design and copyright. In those database we can
find, if there is any trademark which already existing similar to our brand by
searching through the trademark number or image and where we can also apply for
the  trademark registration .These
database also provides information on patents registered till the date and we
can apply for a patent rights through this. It has information on design. We
can search for a design with the registered number of design or with the help
of Design
view , which has registered designs of WIPO , EUIPO and we can apply
to register a design. This also has online journal which has updated
information of registered design, trademarks and patents.

 The website of IPO : //








                          Industrial Property
Digital Library is an online tool used for searching without any cost. It is
used for knowing information about application of patents, patents of Japanese,
utility of models, about their design and trademarks. It is designed within
Japan Patent Office JPO. IPDL have 55.5 million information and data related
to this. JPO developed IPDL in 1999 march. We can get information regarding
IPDL from Industrial Property Information and Training INPIT.We can access Patent
Abstracts of Japan PAT through IPDL.


                                           In a
legal sense, an industrial design constitutes the ornamental or aesthetic
aspect of an article. An industrial design may consist of three dimensional
features, such as the shape of an article, or two dimensional features, such as
patterns, lines or color.


                                            CIPIS is the first kind of Indian
intellectual property information database by clairvolex  (WWW. is a website we can
able to know more about the intellectual property (IP).CIPIS provides more
information about IP information catering to various industry needs. It
provides access to bibliographic information for all published Indian patents,
design and trade mark. The search parameters varies from 7-22 depending on the
module. It has powerful search options such as quick search, advance search and
expert search.


                                      The features of
the Orbit Search tool is world wide 
coverage, in English translation, unique family grouping, key content,
concept and legal search.

Design Search

There is two way can search the industrial Design
Data Base(orbit steps:)

1)  There are
based on Classification, Owner, Number and title.

 2) Advance
Search like Description, list of countries, Date Restriction and many more. It
support all operators & truncations.



businesses develop in international level, the company  wants to protect their designs in multiple
countries at national, regional or international level. Before thinking to
register for design protection, it is necessary to verify with existing
registered designs in the countries of interest. Finding out which designs are
already registered can be useful for any business to analyze market tendencies
and competitors activities. ASEAN Design view was developed by the Intellectual
Property Offices of the ASEAN Member States with the support of the EU-ASEAN
Project on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (ECAP III Phase II)
administered by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).


data security is the method for processing data. It provides protection to the
database. In first database, the data is stored as data element values. Data
element type is linked with that data element. Data element protection
catalogue is stored in secondary database. Each data element type has one or
more protection attributes. Here the first database(0-DB) are linked. The given
data element value is controlled with the collected protection attributes.


Confidentiality basically involves some rules or promises that have the
access limit or restrictions to use the particular knowledge of a specific
person which is kept as a secret. It will act as a protective sector of a
individual person’s knowledge, ideas and so on. The patent can be legally kept
under a confidentiality agreement between two parties which is known  as a NDA(non-disclosure agreement),or
SA(secrecy agreement),or PIA(proprietary agreement).NDAs between two parties
may be a partnership or sometimes royalty where the person can earn only with
his idea with his  interest of percentage
with a written statement.

NDA types:

NDAs can be classified majorly into three types.
They are,





It is often known as a one-way NDA .The two parties
such as disclosing party and the receiving party where only the disclosing
party have the rights to use the information and receiving party cannot able to
disclose information without the knowledge of disclosing party. For example, it
is used to maintain the secrecy of a patent laws, trade marks and trade names.


It is consider as a two way NDA or a mutual NDA
.Here the both parties i.e. disclosing party and the receiving party  can involves to protect the disclosure and
can able to use the protected information for their earning purpose.In later
the receiving party is the person who is called as a disclosing party.


Here there are more than three parties involves in
signing the NDA. This NDA eliminates signing 
of separate unilateral or a bilateral agreement. .A multilateral
agreement having the advantages of review ,implement and all the information in
a single agreement hence all those parties can able to offset the complex
negotiations which is required by them for reaching the unanimous consensus.




IPR  includes patents,  copyright, trademark, trade secrets etc. On
protecting our IPR we need some privacy that is we should seclude it. So, the
government allow the owners of such inventions or designs which is coming under
IPR may protect their data and other information on Cyber Space for keeping
privacy. It is the network of interconnecting Technology and acts globally,
from the development of computer technology and Software’s. There is a chance
for hacking our data,  but cyber space
acts in a effective manner. And also some IPR laws helps to protect the
innovations of the creator and the Design Registration process helps to protect
our designs against misusing and unauthorized use and also against
infringement. Registering IPR  is very
much important and also the ownership called prima facie proof helps the owner
to claim the rights in court. In 1999 the Copyright Act had been started with
TRIPS (Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) and Berne
convention. This law helps to protect the performers and their IP in India.


                                                      Unauthorized use or robbery
of a person’s invention or idea, a company’s main theme or protocol and
trademarks and secret are known as IP theft or piracy. Intellectual property
theft can also include movie, songs and photographs. Intellectual property
theft or piracy happens mostly across the overseas because of the difficulties
in the enforcement and laws. The FBI( Federal Bureau of investigation) is
responsible for the cases of intellectual property theft and piracy. IP theft
is charged with crime fine or imprisonment for few years.


Cyber crime are criminal offenses committed via the Internet or
otherwise aided by various forms of computer technology, such as the use of
online social networks. One common form of cyber crime is identity theft. They
use the specialized programs called key loggers to track a individuals personal

















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