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New Dehli in March 1947. The huge and stately Viceroy’s Palace is like a beehive. Its five hundred employees are busy preparing the coming of Lord Louis Mountbatten. Ruler Mountbatten lands at Viceroys house in Delhi in 1947 with his stiff-necked spouse Edwina and little girl Pamela. As the last viceroy of India, he is responsible for supervising the separating of the English Raj and the making of an self-made Indian country. Mountbatten tries to help settle  a argument difference between the two  Indian political pioneers, Jawaharlal Nehru, who needs India to stay unharmed and in one piece as one country after freedom, and Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who wishes to build up the different Muslim territory of Pakistan.

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In the mean time, Mountbatten’s recently arrived valet Jeet meets the delightful Alia,whom he had experienced passionate feelings for before. Alia keeps on dismissing Jeet in light of the fact that he is Hindu and she Muslim; she fears that she will disappoint her father Ali.

With riots all of a sudden shooting up across India, the British choose to accelerate the independence procedure. He is given just two or three months to cut out a different state from the current land area owned, with the assistance of an unpracticed English legal advisor. Jeet keeps on pursuing Alia, until the point when it is appeared that she has already been engaged to another man at childhood. The servants and workers clueless about the separation, whether to stay in India or move to Pakistan. 

Louis Mountbatten is furious to find his chief of staff lord Ismay, secretly working on creating a state within the countries to prevent the outbreak of regional conflict. He realises he has been tricked into dividing and displacement of millions of people. Also he would be the reason for the separation of India. Jeet is informed that his whole family have been murdered in punjab. Alia rejects her fiancé, she decides to leave to Pakistan with her father. Jeet soon receives the news, the train alia and and her father boarded to Pakistan has been attacked, in the heat of the moment he holds a knife at Louis Mountbatten as he was quitting his post.


Delhi filled with people who have to run away from their own countries due to bad treatment. the Mountbatten’s decided to redeem themselves, stay in india and help to the limit. Jeet volunteers to help people who are running away because of bad treatment. His long lost love is brought badly hurt but alive. Even in that state she recognised jee and called out for him, the two reunite.


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