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 Many people of Catalonia want to be independence. In October  27, Catalonia initiated a referendum, but the Spanish rulers responded with strong opposition. Then the Catalan leaders fled to Belgium. This has caused a strong sensation around the world, and many people in Catalonia want to be independent from Spain. In this case, I think Catalonia should not be independent, because Catalonia is not enough to support him to independence. If Catalonia is independent, theirs situation will be in dangerous. The three factors that can support my view are political, economic, and geographical.

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An effective introduction
What do you mean ‘Catalonia is not enough’?
Why would the situation be dangerous for Catalonia?

       First, I want to explain my first factor of view, political. I think this is the most important of my three factors. The independence of Catalonia depends on whether Catalonia can independence in political. If it can’t get the rights of the independent, no matter how many people start a referendum of Catalonia, how many times held protests were unable to make the Catalan be independence from Spain, from the international law for Catalan independence.For now, Spain’s rulers are largely political opponents of the Catalan independence movement. Because Catalonia still is in Spain. As things stand, I think Catalonia’s chances of success in politics is small. 

A good point that Catalonia needs political independence rights above all else
If they were independent, what might the implications concerning how they are governed? If they continue to be not independent, what might be the implications for Spanish governance over Catalonia?

       Second, I want to explain my second factors, economic. On the economic factor, Catalonia accounts for a fifth of Spain’s GDP, the same of Portugal, a neighboring southern European country. Exports account for a 25% of the country’s industrial base and have been the engine of the Spanish economical. Catalonia’s traditional agriculture produces potatoes, corn, wine, almonds and olive oil for export. More than a third of Catalonia’s land is not develop, and traditional crops such as olives and grapes are being pushed out of the city’s consumption of fruit and vegetables. Agricultural output, however, accounts for only a tenth of Catalonia’s gross domestic product. Spain most of the earns come from the Catalan, customs duties, for example, because it has Spain’s largest in and out of the port Sea every day and every day there are a lot of tourists come to Barcelona, and trade and so on, almost all the goods in Spain will come through to the Spanish Catalonia input. If Spain were to lose Catalonia their earns would fall by half. But Catalonia’s economic system is still not enough to support his independence. If Catalonia is independent, he will lose many workers from others city, and its own population is not enough to support such a big job. It will eventually lead to inequality among the poor and the rich.

Good idea to include lots of examples about the economy
It would be useful to further explore why Catalonia’s economic system would not benefit from independence

        Finally?I will explain my last factors, geographical. In geographical, Catalonia is close to the Mediterranean, France and Spain. Catalan coastal geography can help it develop quickly, especially in economic terms. But it is sandwiched between two big countries, Spain and France, which will certainly have an impact on the development of Catalonia. First of all, because Catalonia is independent from Spain, if Catalonia is successful, Spain will not be able to help Catalonia. Then there is France, which is very large compared to Catalonia. If France can help in a certain extent the Catalan, this will be very beneficial to the development of Catalonia, but also causes the Catalan may rely on France, for it is not very conducive to the Catalan. But if France does not help Catalonia, it will put pressure on Catalonia with its own strong national power, which will make it difficult for Catalonia. For this factor, my view is that the geographical factors of Catalonia have both advantages and disadvantages to the development of his independence, which will depend on how the Catalan leaders make decisions.

Useful points made here
If Catalonia was independent, do you see Spain and Catalonia as having no relationship at all? Might they not be trading partners?

        In conclusion, I want to reconfirm my view: Catalonia should not be independent at the moment. Among the three points of view, the most important is the political factor. Because political factors will decide whether Catalonia can succeed from Spain. If Catalonia fails in political, Catalonia will not be independent. And the other two, geographical and economic, is about whether Catalonia can guarantee a certain state of national strength after its independence. In addition to these three, I think social factors are also important, because in any country, social independence is unavoidable. He is very important in the independent movement. The reason I didn’t put it in my text is because I personally think that the three ideas that I have chosen are more likely to take the now  state in Catalonia. Finally?I still support my view that Catalonia should not be independent at the moment.

An effective conclusion, although the idea of ‘social independence is unavoidable’ and its importance is not clear 


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