Our will not be just a simple item

Our adversaries are IGN,
Gamespot & CNET, Roster teeth and Penny Acarde and many other small
channels and companies as well. These platforms have provided multiple sources
for the latest news, discussions, walk throughs and reviews as well.

            To stand out among the competition, our main goal is to
plan and provide different and innovative categories of content.  To do so, we would compare our content along
with the competitors content. Some of our content may be similar to others,
however the two biggest differences is our approach on the subject matter such
as our opinions and the visual effects being added on to the videos.

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            Additionally to separate us among the competition, we
would include and allow membership access! Exclusive Membership access would
allow the fan base to receive many more bonus content such as behind the
scenes, more live streams, discount codes for our online store, exclusive
merchandise and early accesses to content. Even though multiple companies like
Roster teeth and Penny Acarde have already applied these methods such as
distributing merch to sell, we compete against them by holding a raffle give
away. The raffle give away will not be just a simple item but it will be a
bundle that comes with other items as well. This method will be similar to the subscription
box industry but it help us to compete other companies by offering more value
to our fan base. This strategy will be implanted and apply every two or three

            There will be two types of memberships. The first
membership will be the basic membership where there will only be limited benefits
and along with already access to regular content. The second membership will be
a paid membership that offers full benefits. To accumulate a monthly bill for
the second membership, a small comparison was made. It seems as though majority
gaming subscriptions like Youtube Gaming and Twitch solidify their monthly bill
by charging five dollars to their users per month. As that seems as a good and
reasonable pricing, I believe 8 Bit or Higher should follow the same model as
well.  However to those with no
membership will still be able to access regular content  but will not receive any type of bonuses and
membership benefits.








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