Oudong Visiting Oudong is traces back to

Oudong (also known Udong or Odong) is a town located about 40 km to the north of Phnom Penh and belongs Kampong Speu Province.

It used to be the capital of Cambodia from 17th century until 1866 before the country’s official capital is moved to Phnom Penh. Visiting Oudong is traces back to Cambodia’s forgotten capital.General InformationIn 1601, King Srei Soryapor chose Oudong as the capital city after abandoned Longvek – the old capital to the north of Oudong. All of different monuments in the new capital city is scattered from the top of twin mountain to the mountain foot.

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For over 250 years, this has been royal residence and capital before being abandoned by King Norodom in 1866. Because of its strategic location, Oudong Mountain contributed an important role in wars to gain the independence of Cambodia. The architecture of royal residence and other stupas and temples around is not as complicate as in other monuments in Cambodia but it’s still the impressive part of ancient Cambodia.

Nevertheless, most of its ancient architecture was destroyed by bombarding during the  Indochina war and attack by Khmer Rouge. A visit to Oudong Mountain will give you the feel of traveling back in time to explore a forgotten capital. Unspoilt nature and sacred towering stupas and over 100-year-old religious relics will create impressive experiences for your journey.Attractions Phnom Oudong or Oudong mountain: This is the most important and sacred mountain of the region. From here, you can have the best view toward different monuments and royal residence under mountain foot. Besides stunning view it provides, the mountain also attachs to UNESCO world cultural heritage as important architecture contributing to one of impressive stages in Cambodia history.

Nested on mountain top, there’s The preah sakyamoni chedi. This stupa is believed to carry relics from Buddha making the mountain top one of the holiest place in Cambodia. Besides, the tomb of King Soriyopor is also built here. Other stupas around the mountain top are also dedicated for former kings of Cambodia. 


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