Orenthal was once a beloved public figure, but

James Simpson, also known as “OJ Simpson”, is a former NFL star, become notorious
for being accused and going to trial for the murder of his ex-wife. Simpson was
once a beloved public figure, but his reputation was tarnished due to the very public

first gained famed from his career in the NFL. 
He played for the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. After he
retired from football, he began a career in sports broadcasting and acting. 

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1994, Simpson reputation was forever ruined. Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown
Simpson and her friend were found stabbed to death. He was arrested and charged
for the murders. Simpson was put on a very widely publicized trial, which was named
the Trial of the Century. During the trial, his abuse of his ex-wife was made
public.  He was eventually acquitted. Though
he was acquitted, many still believed him to be guilty.  In 1997, a civil court found him guilty for
the victim’s wrongful deaths.

later in 2007, Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas, and charged with felony armed
robberies and kidnapping.  He was
convicted and sentenced to prison.  He
was recently granted parole on July 20, 2017, and released on October 1, 2017.

Simpson has been released, he now needs income and to transition back into
society. Due to his past, combined with his age of 70 years, one of his few
means of acquiring a job would be in the movie industry or to possibly write a
book.  For Simpson to catch a break with
either of these, the public must be interested in him.  In America, the general public still does not
hold a favorable opinion of him. Seventy one percent (71%) of people still
believe him still believe him to be guilty of the 1994 murders.

order to redeem his reputation, he must seem remorseful, humble, and modest. The
characteristics are completely the opposite of what they would expect from
Simpson, so hopefully this will help to gain interest.

purpose of this campaign is for Simpson to acquire jobs to secure his finances
by means of the general public having an interest in his now redeemed new life
beyond parole.



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