I published by ____________ (Company Name) and would

I have seen your advertisement in the Buying Guide to the Products and Services published by ____________ (Company Name) and would like to order a fully automatic (with Heater) Philco washing machine. I would like it to be of green colour and front-load washer-dryer type.

It should be delivered to my above address within a week’s time from the receipt of this order by your delivery van. I am enclosing a crossed cheque of ____________ (Amount) towards part payment of the machine and the balance would be paid in cash or by cheque, as you prefer, at the time of delivery. Send with the machine the operating and maintenance instruction brochure, the guarantee and receipt. Please acknowledge the order and the receipt of the cheque by return post. Yours faithfully,(Your Name) Acknowledgement of the Above Order (Company Name)(Address)Telephone: ____________(Date) (Name), Thank you for your order for our Philco Automatic Washing Machine with heater, front-load, washer-dryer type, with 2 years warranty.

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The machine would be delivered positively by this week and at your residence under free home delivery service. We also acknowledge your cheque for ____________ (Amount) towards part payment of the machine as advance. The balance may be paid at the time of delivery either by cheque or in cash. The manual of operation and maintenance together with warranty card etc. are there in the washing tub. Our delivery man would give you the receipt. We are sure you shall find our Philco washing machine far more effective, efficient and satisfactory than other brands available in the market in this price range. Yours faithfully,(Your Name)Manager Another Acknowledgement of an Order From(Company Name)(Address)Telephone: ____________(Date) ToThe Manager(Company Name)(Address) Dear (Name), We are pleased to acknowledge the receipt of your order of ____________ (Date) and welcome you as a new customer to our long list of satisfied, regular bulk buyers.

Your Order No. ____________ for ____________ (Quantity with Product Name) is being processed and would by dispatched soon. It would be sent through a road-carrier at our risk and free of transportation charges as agreed. We are sure that your customers will appreciate these items as they are reasonably priced and are of uniform high quality, durable and guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for one year. We are enclosing a complete and illustrated catalogue of our wide range of electrical house appliances. Our representative would call on you sometime next month with samples of our new products and appliances which do not find a place in your present order. You can count on our delivery on schedule.

Yours sincerely,(Your Name)


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