One the Dark Web for an extensive period

One of the effective ways to track down criminals on the dark web is going undercover. They do this by posing as someone who is willing to sell illegal weapons or drugs. For example so that the buyer will give out personal information such as postal address , which eventually will lead to the buyer getting caught right handed. These kinds of operations are proved to be successful.This tactic has been used to take down one of the greatest organisation on the deep web wch we will talk about later. Basically since Tor offers protection and anonymity it made it easier for the police to blend in with other criminals. Since you never know who is on the other end of the connection you would get the opportunity to make contact directly to owners of such organisations.Another way to deal with criminals on the Deep Web is by attacking the endpoints , and by this we mean the computers that the criminals use.This is most likely the most effective ways to bust a criminal because it reveals the identy of the criminal on the dark web. FBI and Eoropol have thousands of  IP which every single one of them has its own case. Sadly that doesnt mean that all of them will get caught and get punished, only a few hundred so far have been put to prison. The risk of doing such operations is that it may end up gathering private information to an innocent civilian which has happened before.Getting the IP of the criminal is not enough , they have to submit the evidence and information from the ISP or data center to the court of law so they could get a search warrant and raid the crimianls house. If a criminal used the Dark Web for an extensive period of time then most likely he or she left digital cookie crumbs . By this we mean that in documents, posts, chat, attachments etc there might be some little small detail that might identify the criminal.When a user created a file such as a document or picture it contains something called “metadata”. This metadata contains information such as email , location , address, date of creation etc  that the computer auto generated and the user forgot to erase.Of course police officers use this viable information to bust the criminals .


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