One such as “rampant corruption, decline in economic

of the main social issues that Fiji faces today is multi-ethnic societies. The values
of the Fijians were split and separated by gender, religion, and/or culture. According
to Cou’p: Reflections on the Political
Crisis in Fiji by Brij V. Lal and Michael Pretes, “the separation of races
went beyond the political to embrace educational, health, and even economic
institutions” (35). In 1970, there was a formation of a
constitution called the 1970 Independence Constitution. “This reinforced and
supported traditionalism as well as a chiefly order to take charge with great
economic and social privilege, in hopes to preserve the traditional system while
rapid social and economic changes had been going on during that time.”
According to Pretes, this constitution brought great conflict such as an
overthrow of their newly formed government and things such as “rampant
corruption, decline in economic growth, outflow of talent and capital, and
general sense of alienation” (37).  In
hopes to solve this conflict, a 1997 constitution arose and provided the
protection of one’s collective rights and the result of this constitution had
been the decreasing of ethnic tension, the integration of ethnic parties, and a
non-racial government had been accepted by the Indo-Fijian Prime minister. Along
the lines of multicultural problems, discrimination was a big problem in Fiji.

There was discrimination against things such as education and training,
business, land, and even employment. According to ________________, Fijians
were looked down upon and there were many barriers that separated the Fijians
from the rest of the population. They were seen as “failures.” Another thing
that had been discriminated was land and that had been laws and regulations that
put restrictions on the accessibility of land to the indigenous Fijians. The
discrimination against Indo-Fijians had been more focused on dealing with
education, scholarships and employment. There was always the thought that indigenous
Fijians had access to scholarships over Indo-Fijians. As education is very
important, this became a big problem because education was greatly looked
towards to ensure a successful child.* This is where many writers and poets
began to originate and eventually created and had a big impact on Fijians. With
more foreign countries gaining more power and traveling to Fiji from around the
world, their religion slowly changed and so did the birth of literacy for the

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