One about difference between communications nowadays and 5,

One of my good friends was talking about difference betweencommunications nowadays and 5, 10, 100 years ago, said: “In the early 20th century was easy to talk- sent a letter and wait until the answer wascoming approximately month. But then it became easier- the telephone wasinvented, answering was immediate provided that your conversationalist was onthe line waiting the call.

Wasn’t it enough? No, the technologies went furtherand led communication on the next level. Mobile phone one of those devices.This «magic box» had SMS, MMS, phone calls and other different options forhanging out. Mobile phones were replaced by smartphones with Internet and, withit, social networks and messengers which automatically allow you to go throughyour profile, view online you or not, whether you want it or not. Constantlychasing after the likes, comments from people whom you admire to, whether you needit or not. The borders have completely worn out, but does it mean thatcommunication has become simplier?” By matching some arguments below I will tryto prove why it is important to keep balance in using social media.People, especially young generation, by mention aspects of communicationnetworks don’t often notice their negative side. Yes, expressing yourself,exposing your photos from journey or even from restaurant, posting quotes youliked, and last news is appearing every minute can help you to be more open ordiscuss subject which in real life you afraid to talk about.

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However simplethings like not setting your privacy settings properly or liking someone’sphoto can have bad results The positives and negatives of using socialnetworking sites(BBC,2013).  For instance, cyberbullying is the use oftechnology to harass, threaten, embarrass or target another person Cyberbullying(Larissa Hirsch, MD,2014).  According to anew report published by Pew Research, 3 in 4 adult internet users in the U.S. havewitnessed someone being harassed online and 40% have personally experiencedonline harassment. This issue affected all social media users, in particular,young people.

For any type of harassment, the percentage of 18-29 years old whopersonally experienced it is much higher than it is for the online populationas a whole Young People Are More at Risk to Be Harassed Online(FelixRichter,2014).  As it was noticed before social media has no barrier in communication,moreover it a huge store of different sort of data from which users can take theessentials. It gives a great opportunity to be well knowledged in variousspheres and find answers for scientific questions or even homework tasks.Nevertheless sometimes go and watch some photos with cute kitties in Pinterestand “Gangnam style” clip-videos on YouTube much easier and doesn’t requirestrong efforts from you. posted two studies which demonstrated damageto productivity caused by social networking. Nucleus Research reported thatFacebook shaves 1.5% off office productivity while Morse claimed that Britishcompanies lost 2.2 billion a year to the social phenomenon Social Media – AGood Thing or a Bad Thing?(Syed Noman Ali,2012).

To sum up, I have mentioned some positive and negative aspects of socialmedia by comparison to give understanding of importance keeping balance in theuse. Because everything in the life requires balance.


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