nd mountain soared the handglider. The pilot who

nd sawa beautiful handglider hovering in these pretty mountains.A great looking background surrounded the mountains.About four-hundred feet above the mountain soaredthe handglider. The pilot who appears about five footeleven inches wears a yellow jacket and black snow pants.

The handglider hangs with a span of about twenty-ninefeet. It consists of many wonderfully made colors, such asorange, red, and yellow. As the guy held on two blackstraps secured him tightly to the handglider. A triangleresembles the glider.

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To steer the guy holds on to a u-shaped silver bar.Snow covers the two-mile high mountains. The snowmakes them look like a big soft blanket. The really steepmountains look like Mr.

Freeze at Six Flags. The tops ofthe mountain look very jagged like a really big knife. The many colors in the background make it verypretty.

The tops of them extend far into the very thickclouds. The clouds, so dense that it looks as if it had bencovered with a blanket. In the middle and above the skysets dark and stormy. Blue skys awaken your eyes at thetop.As you can tell from my paragraphs this very colorfulhandglider soars high above the mountains in a beautifulsky.


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