On American community. This converts the audiences

 On the other hand, it is simple to criticise Eddie, since it is Eddie who loses control of his actions. Throughout the play, in an aggressive point of view, Catherine is perceived to be more independent, while in a feminist point of view, Catherine is slightly switching her dependence on another man, Rodolpho. It is obviously shown in the play when Catherine asks Rodolpho to ‘teach her’ and ‘hold her’.  At this part, we can observe that Eddie then becomes jealous as he says that Rodolpho is only ‘bowing to his passport’. The tension rises up to the point when Eddie “teaches Rodolpho how to boxes”, to make it an excuse to strikes Rodolpho by punching him.

This action leads Marco to defend his younger brother and threatens Eddie by ‘raising the chair over his head’, symbolizing a power twist in the play. At this point, Marco is pitted against Eddie and it is the start of Eddie’s ultimate end.The ultimate critic for Eddie is his inappropriate love for Catherine, which came from his hamartia. Driven and possessed by the feeling for Catherine, he seems to do everything in his ability to prevent the wedding. In the beginning of the play, we can see a sign of jealousy or a father protectiveness, as he says: “I can tell things about Louis that make you not gonna wave to him anymore.

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” However, when he “kisses her in the mouth”, it is an act of control that exposes the audiences conscious of his pure emotions. The plot twist in the play is when Eddie decided to follow Vinny Bolzano’s path, as he calls the Immigration Bureau, to snitch Marco and Rodolpho, even though it is against the justice as he is a part of the Sicilian American community. This converts the audiences from sympathizing Eddie to criticize him.In the end, there is irony in Eddie’s death, as it was his own hand, his own knife which ended his life, not Marco. This symbolized Eddie’s inevitable end, that his destiny is already formed for him and as Alfieri says, he is powerless to alter it.

Nevertheless, Eddie does receive some sort of sympathize from the audiences as his very last words are “My B” and he “dies in her arm”. Eventually, this shows that Beatrice is his original lover, therefore Catherine does not mean as much to Eddie as the audiences believed she was. This understanding of where his genuine loyalties location evokes compassion from the audience, change the whole way we look at him, as we have questioned his thoughts and criticized him so much for his wrong actions.

In addition, in Alfieri speech, he stated that “this one’s name was Eddie Carbone”, the clear use of past simple suggested that Eddie’s fate is unchangeable, imply how Eddie’s consequence is drawn out, makes the audiences sympathize to him even more.In conclusion, as Eddie is a tragic protagonist, audiences can feel either way towards him, but personally, I sympathize him, as Alfieri stated: “I mourn him with a certain … alarm”. 


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