On of Othello’s love and marriage made

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Bradley suggests Othello as the Tragic hero, pro – Othello is a victim and open and passionate a lover the strength of whose passion inspired the love not only of Desdemona but the play audience. The action of Othello’s love and marriage made his jealousy credible”. He blames the Venice people, Brabantio and Iago because they changed  Othello from a noble and pure person to a monster. In the society of Venetians, where the racism, class, and gender play a center role, they consider anyone who is dark and outsider as an uprooted person, homeless and from a low-status class.

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 Roderigo and Brabantio take it for granted that the love and relationship between black African and a white Venetian woman are deeply unnatural. Brabantio believes that his daughter had been bewitched by black magic. These are humiliating charges that Othello has to defend himself and his marriage. His first speech about his wife reflects his noble feelings towards Desdemona and his deep love. He is new to love, sensitive, the new idiom in marriage.

His love is disturbed by Iago’s lies when he abuses Othello’s ears and claims that his wife is cheating him. Othello is an open nature; he trusts on everybody and always calls Iago by “honest When he loves, he loves faithfully he says “”I will chop her into messes –Cuckold me?”. Bradly sympathies with Othello because the racism in the society and the devilish Iago, both are considered as an external power, have distracted him and make him lose his sense of nobility and rationality. Bradly finds Iago a pure evil, the master of manipulation and the driving force that moves the play. Othello is a hero because he has achieved victories and faces the danger and obstacles during his life until he becomes a general in the Venetian army. Unfortunately, the Venetian society has a large part contributed to Othello demise.He kills the alien within himself; Othello enacts his role as the outsider striving to belong to a society that always excludes him


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