Nuclear Power and Its Uses

Nuclear Power and Its Uses
At first nuclear power was only seen as a means of destruction but after World
War II a major effort was made to apply nuclear energy to peacetime uses.

Nuclear power if made when a nucleus of an atom is split to release a powerful
burst of energy. Though technological advancements nuclear power now supplies us
with new medical aids, a new power source and new ways to do scientific research.

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New medical advancements are being produced rapidly due to nuclear power.

Nuclear material is now being used to treat diseases. Pacients suffering from
cancer can then be exposed to the healing effects of the radiation under
controlled conditions. The radiation of the nuclear energy can help in medical
tests. Radioactive phosphorus is an important diagnostic aid. It is injected
into the veins of a patient, it concentrates in the cells of certain brain
tumors. Thyroid gland strongly attracts iodine. Radioactive iodine is used both
in diagnosing and in treating diseases of the thyroid. Nuclear power is changing
the face of medicine with new cures and tests that will cure millions..

Nuclear power can be converted into strong and efficient nuclear energy and be
used for many purposes. Nuclear power reactors generates heat that is converted
into steam. The steam can be used directly for energy. This energy is used in
transportation. Most military subs are now ran by nuclear energy. The most used
purpose of nuclear energy can also be used to generate electric power for
example in a commercial nuclear power plant. Another way to produce nuclear
energy is by gas-cooled reactors with either carbon dioxide or helium as the
coolant instead of water. This method is used mainly in commercial nuclear
plants in the United Kingdom and France due to the lack of freshwater. With
growing popularity nuclear energy will definitely of the future with new ways to
use this energy in a positive manner.

Scientists can now use nuclear power for biological research to help understand
life more. Radioactive isotopes have been described as the most useful research
tool since the invention of the microscope. Physiologists use them to learn
where and at what speed physical and chemical processes occur in the human body.

Isotopes are also used for agricultural Biologists use radioactive isotopes to
see how plants absorb chemicals as they grow. With radioactive cobalt, botanists
can produce new types of plants. Structural variations that normally take years
of selective breeding to develop can be made to occur in a few months.

Many believe that nuclear power is too destructive and as such should be
destroyed. Although it does have it’s negative aspects, nuclear power is not
evil in anyway. Nuclear power is an inanimate object, it does not live nor have
a mind of it’s own. It is the human race that decided that the best way to use
this power was to use it as an instrument of war. Nuclear Power should be seen
as a positive and humanity can blame no one for its destructive manner but
themselves. It was our decision to use it for death, it is now our
responsibility to use it for life.



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