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I am Billy ….. and  I
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Over the time there has been this hype going on  and on about how lucrative it is  to be a property agent in Singapore which
indeed is true

But you know what?

The real estate industry is a very volatile one that is
subject to the pattern of both the local and global economy

And because you as an agent do not even receive regular
income and make money off sales and from sales alone, in a really dry market
you may not get to make any income at all or earn as much as you thought you

If this is your situation right now, hear me out:

Whatever it is you may be passing through, I have been there

Trust me I could feel your hurt because I know what it means
to be frustrated, doing too much and getting little results

I know what bad marketing is and it hurts to see my fellow
colleagues repeat the same mistake over and over again. You are not able to
meet consumer or clients  expectations

 I want to realize
this, you need Help,  REAL HELP!!! So
here I am about to reveal to you what works and how it works. The best
strategies that make Prospects chase you and thereby giving you a massive


Look here, to achieve great success in real estate  a key factor is Marketing


So I created training programs just for New and existing
Property  Agents and with this program, I
will show you how to create a powerful sales kit, how to close presentation in
show-flat and also financial closings methods.


This is no joke at all, the experience I am about to take
you through will bring you the breakthrough in your sales and also in your

This programme of course prepares and does not do that only
that it energizes you to enter residential real estate with the different
tactics given to you



Lack of understanding the economic trend allows negative
factors such as Recessions, high-interest rates and fluctuations in market
affects you and become a threat to your future in real estate



You could get sued by your buyer, let’s say you tell your
clients how wonderful the property is and the value of the property get stalled
you could get sued over inaccurate statements and this is usually the fear of
most agents and you will agree with me that it is truly terrifying.


Harder to convince buyers, this is  due to the fact that there are skeptical
buyer and they are not sure about what you 
are offering them and this is quite stressful for you


Buyer and seller are treading the DIY path for HDB flat
which means they transact without the help of an agent and this threatens the
security of the future of agents thereby ringing a wave of uncertainty to the

The hike in the price of propertyguru frustrates your effort
as agent yeah right?

What’s more, with the advent of technology, like artificial
intelligence, virtual reality ., drone technology and a tracking function
called epropertytrack. The position of an agent is threatened and with
blockchain tech becoming more popular, buyers and sellers can interact without
the help of an agent or any middleman.

Apps are created and by their efficiency through automation
replaces most of the significant work done by old-fashioned agents

Look here putting your ads on propertyguru and despite their
hike in price and getting peanuts in return is going to frustrate you and can
even threaten your future as agents




Often time, you lack the ability to study market trends and
make quality analysis of real estate market and have a keen eye for investment
deals and this causes failure

You may have been following an “expert” advice yet you  discovered that it’s not working for you
because you have been doing the same over and over again

Epropertytrack complements the functions of a property agent
and it Is discovered that it makes it easier for buyers to interact better with
the agents with this, agents can track their leads in real time. Technological
enhancement is believed to help with the buying during transaction

There has to be a better way

Just wait till you try our methods, it will surely change
your life and mindset

With our guide and tutor, you will get the best method to

You do not be afraid of hike in price of propertyguru or
maybe you are already thinking that you do not have reliable system to work
with and it seems as if everything is against you

Then get a load of this!!!!!

The solution is here

In this digital age, you have got to innovate and find
easier ways to reach larger audiences and of course be a seasoned pro by doing
things that will always improve your market initiatives

Tech also makes agent more productive, reduces
administrative duties and help focus on marketing and closing the deal

Speed and precision are the 2 things that can be achieved
with the help of technology




As you know that one of the skills you must have is the
negotiating ability, to be able to find agreement on the terms and create a
happy client the day after closing

Take for example A buyer does not have quite enough money
for a down payment and this would lead to affecting your commissions  and also affects your finance

We set up a team of negotiators by which joining them will
enhance your skills

With my team –powerful negotiator – we build an environment
where members work together, learn and share information and knowledge

Where you will learn strong communication skills that you
can be sure of getting a beneficial outcome during any negotiation

Preparation and skills make you a great negotiator but joining
our team makes you better with our constructive criticism

There’s more


How knowledgeable are you about the HDB policies?

Do you have fear transacting Hdb deals?

Do you need step by step practical on how to prospect,
present transact and close HDB?


If yes, then here’s the best part


I will show you how to equip yourselves and penetrate HDB
and expand your portfolio into private residential and commercial/industrial



I'm William!

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