An injunction under section 54 can be issued

An injunction may either be temporary or per­petual; it may be mandatory or interlocutory. A temporary injunction is granted in accordance with the provisions of Order XXIV of the Code of Civil Procedure. A perpetual injunction is granted under a decreed after a suit has been heard on merits under the provisions contained in the Specific Relief Act. An injunction under section 54 can be issued against a public authority and the Government. For in­stance, an injunction was issued restraining the Secretary of State from entering through a Revenue Officer into a private land situated in the Madras Presidency against the wishes of the owners for the ex­ercise of the right to regulate distribution of water of rivers and chan­nels flowing through such lands.

An injunction can be issued against a public body with a view to give relief against an act which is in excess of its jurisdiction and is clearly illegal and objectionable and it’s not issuing would mean that the aggrieved person would be left without any remedy while his rights would be trampled under arbitrary and capricious exercise of administrative discretion. Where one Abdul Majid submitted a build­ing plan to the Municipal authorities for sanction and the permission was as first given then vacated, although in the same locality hundreds of other buildings were allowed to be constructed, an in­junction was issued restraining the municipal administration from in­terfering with the construction of the building in accordance with the plan.

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