Notably, an expression of who they are and

Notably, our love for music has been instilled in
us since we were in our mother’s womb. During the 18th week of pregnancy, the
baby starts to hear sounds and soon begins to respond to them. The sounds we
hear connect us to our mothers and eventually the world around us. The ability
to hear continues to have an impact on whom we are and who we become. Thus,
music has always been a part of our lives. No matter what stage we are in life
it has always played a significant role. Music gives a sense of identity and
allows us to express ourselves freely. When there is a feeling of not
belonging, music gives us a sense of belonging. There are many times when we
may feel out of place, and we gravitate towards music to make us feel better.
Dr. Thomas Currie states in his study of music that “music connects us without
language”. In the video “The Music Instinct”, Sandra E. Trehub discusses how
lullabies are universal and no matter the culture, it is not hard to identify
them. Once again this shows that music is universal, and it gives each culture
its own identity. As stated in the video “The Music of Man”, sound and rhythm
are our communications. It is a form of expression and allows us to express our
thoughts and feelings. For the Bushmen tribe of the Kalahari Desert, music is
an expression of who they are and has helped them survive in many ways. The
children created music just by the clapping of their hands and sound of their
voices. This was a way to pass time and laugh together. Music is a life-giver
and reawakens our soul. This is evident in the video “Alive Inside” about Henry
who was in a nursing home suffering from health problems. It was amazing to
witness how music can just transform an individual and bring life into them.
Henry at first was quiet, withdrawn and would always keep his head down but
once the headphones were on, you could immediately witness his spirit and
attitude change. He was able to tap his feet, move his hands and sing with joy.
Henry was able to regain a sense of himself and was brought back to a place
where he was happy and free. Alive Inside also shows how music enhances our
memory. Once we hear a song, a feeling or memory might arise. For instance, my
father would often say that when hearing a song from the band New Edition it
would take him back to when he was a teenager in the 80s. It can also bring
back memories of your youth or a special time in your life.


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