“No matter what challenges life throws at you,

“No matter what challengeslife throws at you, your father will always be there for you.”     The people that get to know us best, fromour flaws to our virtues, are our parents. They have the greatest influence inour life, because they are the people that we have known for the longest. Theysacrifice many luxuries in order to give their children the best life possible.My father had a great influence on my life, and it is because of him that I am,what I am today. By observing his behavior, and listening to his lectures, Ihave felt his influence on my life, choices and personality.

This person hasalways been in my life, from the day I first opened my eyes to the presentmoment. This person is a teacher, a guide, and a source of strength andsupport. He is whom I look up to with loving trust and pride. With a willinghand to lend, he is a helper and an adviser. This person means the world to me,so who is this influential person in my life? He’s Alexander M. Ocampo, my oneand only father.

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     My dad was born in Lemery, Batangas; hewas the youngest of nine siblings in the family. His parents wanted to givetheir children the best education possible, but his parents died. My dad was 12when he started to live separately from his siblings after the incident. Beingaway from his family was a rude awakening for him, he realized what was theintention of being away from his family, and it made him hardworking, capableof handling challenges and making decisions by himself.

I do wonder how a12-year-old could understand so much. My father acquired his life lessons byovercoming the adversities he faced growing up in Tondo, Manila. He became anoutcast to his own siblings because he rebelled so much. My Father lived byhimself, sleeping in the city alone.

He doesn’t know what to do with his lifethat moment, he involved himself in gambling, bad influence peers and othervices. He told me that he became a dancer, street dancer, he had a group socalled “SMURF” something more unique rather than funk. He also takes an ecstasybefore he does his flip like, break dancing and other techniques in dancing,but still his not happy with his life.

My Father go back to his hometownLemery, Batangas, like a prodigal son he went back to his siblings and he foundout that his eldest brother. Rusty Ocampo who is a Pilot before, is a Pastor.He became mad because he doesn’t know what’s in the mind of his eldest brotherwhy he gave up his job and riches and became a Pastor. Once again, he became morerebellion to his family, living a life without parents, a guide, is a hardlife.

My dad works as a karkador inwet market, then making images of Mary and other idols. He met my mom in thefactory of idols. To make the story short they got married in a young age, 22years of age.

At first the road of their marriage is hard and unhealthyrelationship. One day, his eldest brother, Rusty visited them, and he sharedthe word of GOD, and then Rusty always bringing my father in Church to listenthe word of GOD. January 12, 1997, my father accepted the LORD as his personalSavior in his heart. At first my mom can’t believe that my father is changingand then she observed and got saved also by the grace of the Lord.

     God looksat a person’s heart. He looked at my Dad’s heart and saw faith. He didn’t makea checklist of things he had done right and wrong. He overlooked the mistakes.In a nutshell. My Dad answered the calling of the Lord and he became aPastor.

The Lord change my Dad to a spiritual dad and a father who love theLord. 2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a newcreature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” InApril 14, Nellie and Alex had their first child, a boy. They named him, MarkDavid Ocampo, they get that name in the Bible, Mark the evangelist and Davidmeaning beloved. Their life became as peaceful, unlike the life they had beforewhen they are not in the will of the Lord. Yes, life is hard but a life withoutGOD is harder. Psalm 46:1 KJV “God is our refuge and strength, a very presenthelp in trouble.

” Alex Ocampo who is a rebellion to his family before, now Godchange him as a Pastor Alexander M. Ocampo who is now a servant of the Kings ofKings and the Lord of Lords. Alex Ocampo, influenced his child with the word ofthe Lord. March 10, they had a second son, Alexander H. Ocampo Jr. June 29,they had their 3rd and 1st daughter, Jehanareh H.

Ocampo. Jeha meaning Jehovaand nareh Jireh. Jehova Jireh meaning the Lord will provide. October 22, NaomieRuth H. Ocampo, the youngest child in their children. Naomie meaning beautiful,agreeable and Ruth Companion, friend, vision of beauty.

Pastor Alex and Mrs.Nellie always bringing their children in the church and they shared thesalvation of God to their children. They set an example to their family thatthey need to be always thankful to the blessings that they had receive.

“And theysaid, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thyhouse.” Acts 16:31 KJV. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is forbrethren to dwell together in unity!” Psalm 133:1 KJV. The role of a spiritualfather is to raise up a child spiritually. A father will nurture and protect achild. The spiritual father will pour out knowledge, understanding, wisdom,counsel, and blessing to the child.

     Spiritual fathers provide a safeenvironment of love and an empowering dynamic. Simply stated, you feelsafe around them because love is their highest value. In that atmosphere oflove and acceptance, there is an empowerment that takes place, because you areloved as you are. Therefore, you feel empowered to grow and break throughlimitations. When you leave a true spiritual father, you feel encouraged andstrengthened to take on the world. Connecting to a spiritual father is allbased on relationship.

A spiritual father’s relationship is not forced, butgrows organically. The foundation must be built on adding value inrelationship. Hebrings a spiritual covering and protection. One of the greatestbenefits of being around a spiritual father is they help provide sanity andsound thinking by what they share, demonstrate and advise. At the end of theday, you know they have your back, so this empowers you in your own growth andministry. They often battle many things that you don’t have to battle, so wecan learn from their trials.

We’ll have to face our own trials, but we becomeencourage to walk through them with greater confidence. He helps you gainempowerment to work in your sphere of influence. Their covering provides,wisdom, interaction and healthy warnings. As Paul said, “I write not thesethings to shame you, but as my beloved sons I warn you.” I Cor. 4:14. He help enhance the way youthink. Sometimes after they are done talking, you’ll needsome time alone to process what they just said and how deep it hit your heart.

Their view of God and walk with Him cause you to make changes in your own lifeafter experiencing the weight of what they say. A fathering presence helps enhanceour grid of thinking and stretch us to see the big picture. It opens us up tomore wisdom than decades of research and knowledge acquisition could provide. Spiritualfathers lead you into maturity.

 At the end of the day, a true father wantsto see you grow and mature into a full stature of your design. Many peoplenever grow up to become a mature spiritual man or women. They often remain inadolescence because they were not fathered into the various stages of maturitythat are necessary for our growth. Spiritual fathers provide a safe environmentto grow. Fathers train and prepare their sons and daughters for transition fromadolescence to adulthood. They get you to think. Everyone gets older but noteveryone matures. Maturity is vital in your life and spiritual fathers will puta demand on you to grow.

He injects a spirit of excellence in their sons anddaughters. Demand is good for you and helps you face personal challenges thatbuffet success and achievement. As you submit to their instruction, you willenter new levels of triumph. Expect them to motivate you to set goals andachieve objectives.” As ye know how we exhorted and comforted and charged everyone of you, as a father doth his children, That ye would walk worthy of God,who hath called you unto his kingdom and glory.” (1 Thess. 2:11-12).



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