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Next Day – Aging Is aging a true moral dilemma or just harsh criticism of society? The poem “Next Day” by Randell Jarrell and Ulysses by Lord Tennyson Alfred are good examplesof what role society plays in wht one feels they should look like, act like, and the differences between sexes and aging. In the “Next Day” poem by Randell Jarrell the woman is most devastated by aging. She feels that society giver her less respect and she is pushed aside because she has aged and lost her youth and vitality. when at her friends’ funeral, what she sees is an aged cold body. Feeling of fear that aged and cold is all she is becoming. She feels at a loss.

That because she has aged, she has lost everything that counts as a person. I feel it is obvious that this woman is desperate for something more in her life, but first she needs to realize that because you have aged does not mean your dying. It should be shown from society that your matured and experienced, with everything to offer from your mind and not just your body.In Ulysses by Lord Tennyson Alfred, there is a man who feels he is missing something in his life. Instead of living depressed and feeling hopeless, as the woman in “Next Day”, he decided to do something about it, by sailing off to find his new world. This is what the woman in the “Next Day” should be doing instead of sulking.

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The differences between the sexes in societies’ eyes, in my opinion, are when men age, they become intelligent, wise, handsome and distinguished. When women age they become old, wilted and big money makers for large cosmetic companies. If this perception could change we all could be a closer step to a perfect life in society.


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