Narrative Essay

I remember when I was ten years old, and my dad used to tell me how attractive parrots were. But I argued with him that roosters were more beautiful than parrots because I had never seen a parrot before. I remember Dad when he brought me a parrot in a cage and said to me it was the one that he believed to be the most attractive bird in the world. I looked at him and turned around and stared at the parrot because I was amazed. Since that day I have become convinced that parrots have many qualities, which make them superior to roosters.

Parrots are more attractive than roosters.They have bright red or orange hood bills and colorful feathers, with pointed tails and dark black clawed feet. Its eyes are bright with a delightful look. Looking at a parrot is like looking at a rainbow that has many different bright colors, while rooster have fat reddish combs that look like roses that have withered. Its feathers have dull color that does not stand out. Their feet claws are dark brown like mud. Even though roosters have spangled feathers that are white with dark tips, still it is a common color.

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Parrots are also more intelligent than roosters. This parrot that I saw is only attractive, but intelligent. He can be tamed and imitate word and actions. Also he has the ability to mimic human speech. I remember my sister when she got into trouble at school, annd my mom was very upset with her, so she scolded her. After she had scolded her our parrot began teasing her with words that my mom said so she got really mad and left to her room. From that day till now my sister thought of our parrot as a stupid bird, but I thought of him as an intelligent bird. My rooster; however, on the other hand, had poor abilities and performed simple acts. One morning my dad tried to tame my rooster and make him catch a grasshopper, yet he caught our cats tail, so she screamed and chased him. My rooster was terrified, so he hid under the bushes for two days.

Finally, parrots have better temperament than roosters. Theyre sensitive and enjoyable. My mom enjoys cooking while our parrot sings the alphabet, and when she forgets the food timing on the oven, he reminds her. I, too, like our parrot because he helps me tease my sister. I believe having parrots for pets is better than roosters because they are gentle and affectionate animals, while roosters are unfriendly, untamed, and unclean. I remember mom when she tried to feed my rooster, and he pecked her finger and took off her finger nail, so she got mad and left. Also, when my mom sprinkled the flower seeds on her garden, my rooster ran after her and dug the dirt and ate all the flower seeds, which proved to me that roosters are unruly animals. The most common thing I hate from roosters is that they play in the dirt and dig in it to find earthworms. Having roosters for pets is not a bad idea, but it cost you too much. But having parrots for pets is a good choice because theyre beautiful, gentle and affectionate.

I never knew that parrots are the most attractive bird in the world. But now that I have seen one and have become convinced by its beauty, I now believe that it is the most attractive and intelligent bird in the world and most of all a good mate.
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