Narration 10 at the time and I

Narration “Ah, what awonderful day it has been! I can’t wait for tomorrow to happen!” And then the lights wentout.  Dark. Cold.

Empty. I was 10 at the time andI just came from school (I was at the 4th grade) and kicked my heels in highgear to rush back home after another day at school. We conducted an amazingscience experiment were you mixed baking soda and vinegar in a container to simulatea miniature volcano erupting. Not exactly like a real volcano (with molten rockoozing out), but it was cool to do because I really enjoy creating things.

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 My friends and I werehaving a blast! I have to admit, my class isn’t the normal kind. My friend Timmade a huge mess on the floor by spilling the vinegar on the floor saying itwas poisonous, Sarah tasted the experiment (instantly regretable) and shovedthe container toward me, and Hugh was silent as always. Despite all theweirdness that is my classmates, I’d never replace them with anyone in thewhole world! And before we knew, itwas already time to go home. We greated our teachergoodbye, cleaned the room, stacked the chairs up, and raced on home. I always go on the sameroute home, out of the gates, a few blocks down the left, straight up a hill,cross a park, and voila! You can now see a green house in the middle of heaventhat cointains me and my family.  I’ve never ran that fastin my entire life! I felt like a super hero in those moments. Dodging potholeafter pothole, avoiding stray dogs, and running faster then the wind.

Invincible and on top of the world! I came home at about 4 inthe afternoon. I was sweating non-stop I swore I saw a lake underneath me. Itook my shoes off, gave my parents a big hug, gave an even bigger hug to my twodogs, and quickly changed into my fancy clothes. I forgot to mention today wasmy birthday! Oopsies. Everyone was there! Mygrandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts, neighbors, and my bestest friends whereall there! I was tearing up with the feeling wanting to cry and also wanting tohug them all!  “Everyone, gather’round!” said my mother and before I knew it everyone was singing  happy birthday to me! I have been so happy inmy life! I wanted to seal this moment in a bottle free from aging.

It washappiness at its finest. Until the lights wentout. Dark. Cold. Empty. 8 years have passed sincethen and I’m about to make the biggest decision of my life. This is where my storybegins and ends.

My name is Pierce and welcome to my youth.


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