Naquesha Fine Arts foundations. IV). Statistics of Associate’s

Naquesha Morris

January 15, 2018

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Dr. Ramona Crayer

Essay Number 1

SPH 106 


to Consider Obtaining a Associates Degree for your Initial Education Choice

Introduction- 2 Year College Degree versus 4
Year College Degree

I). Attention getter:
After listening to my speech on the reasons to consider obtaining a Associate’s
Degree versus a Bachelor’s degree you will be equipped with the knowledge and
understanding of the college education system.  The main reasons to attend a

II). Thesis Statement: By
realizing that a 2 year college is one, a more intimate education and it
bridges the gap for the students to earn a Bachelor’s Degree, saves money, and
gives the students a chance to excel more academically.

III). Definition of Associate/ Bachelor’s Degree
(Popular Website

Associates Degree- better known as a Junior College degree is a degree usually earned in two years or
more and can be attained at community colleges, technical colleges, and
vocational schools. A student who completes a two-year program can earn an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or an Associate of Science (A.S.).

Bachelor’s Degree- better known as a baccalaureate,
Post-secondary degree awarded to an individual after completion of undergraduate course work usually taking 4 years. 
Bachelor’s degrees are awarded in specific concentrations and are built on the Bachelor of
Science, Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Fine Arts foundations.

IV). Statistics of Associate’s Degree versus Bachelor’s

A.    Graduation Rate of those
who transfer from a 2 year college to a university.

According to the Inside Higher Education Website Only
one in five community college students transfer to a four-year institution. But
60 percent of those who do so earn a bachelor’s degree within four years,
according to new research from the National Student Clearinghouse Research

B.    Length of time it takes
to successfully complete a Bachelor’s Degree if you start at community College.

According to the Breakthrough Collaborative Research Program It
takes Students who begin at a 2 year College 71 Months to obtain a Bachelor’s
degree but those who started at a four college only 55 Months.

b.     There is a tradeoff to
those statistics  factors though even
though it took students at the 2 year colleges longer to graduate over 52
percent of the students who earned their Associates degree first obtained job
security in their field throughout college while working on their Bachelor’s


V). Main Reasons to Attend A Community College


i.     Most community colleges have classes
with fewer than 20 or less students for the purposes of the students getting a
more intimate one on one education.

ii.     Some of the larger four year
universities have up to 150 students enrolled in their classes. Typically those
students are known as a number more so than a name.

Cost and Lower Tuition.

i.     At all cost you will get more
education for your buck at a community college than you will at a four
intuition. Tuition is less than 50 percent lower than that of a 4 year school.
This means by starting your education at a 2 year college you will also save
more money. And this could help you qualify for more financial assistance when
you transition over to the four year college of your choice.

ii.     In most cases people who start off
at community college aren’t necessarily ready to move out on their own so this
gives them the option and availability to determine their goals while still in
a familiar environment and still receiving their education. So this save money
on rent, out of state tuition, as well as numerous amounts of bills associate
with independent living or on campus housing options at 4 year university.

Challenges and Comparisons

i.     Most community colleges are making
the switch to having more qualified educators teach their programs by requiring
many teachers to have a Master’s or Ph. D to teach the students. That is added
bonus as far as the student goes because they are getting more education for
less money.

ii.     Also, two year colleges work closely
with companies for apprenticeships clinicals, and internships in efforts of
helping the students with gainful employment opportunities.


Life and Social Availability-

i.     Also, a lot of people may say that a
two year college is not a true college experience and I beg to differ there as
well. There are as many organizations at two colleges as well as four year
colleges. Gadsden State has a Homecoming court, they offer free admission for
students to the basketball, volleyball, and baseball/softball games.  As well as on campus living options.

VII). My Personal Story

A. I was
pushed really hard by my parents to excel academically mainly because they
didn’t. My mom and dad were teen parents that struggled their whole life to be
successful and make it to the top. My dad did eventually graduate high school
and went to Jacksonville State University to earn his college degree in
Business Administration. My Mother was not afforded the opportunity to go to
college right after high school that is why she stayed on me as far as my
education. When I begin my sophomore year in college she started college at
Gadsden State Community college where she earned her AAS before getting her
Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Now both of my parents are really successful
and have made careers for themselves using two different paths.

parents never gave me the choice to choose they made me go to a four year
university. I have a Bachelor’s Degrees in Biology
and I did not receive a job straight out of college in fact it was almost
impossible for me to find work. When I went on interviews they would say that
the field of biology was too broad and that I should go back to school and get
a masters or a license; certification of some sort. I would refute these
instances because I have ban Associates Degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences from
Gadsden State Community College. I received more interviews and job offers just
by putting that information  on my resume.

The biggest difference
to refute is that getting a Bachelor’s Degree does not allot you a better
education, pay, or job security. In the same instance there is several ways to
benefit from starting your college education with an Associate’s Degree. For
example I have over $25,000 in student loans and at Gadsden state my entire tuition
for the two year program was only about $13,000.

Most programs at the associates level allow a more intimate
setting and usually they set you up with a company or organization to intern or
do clinicals with, to liken your chance of employment after graduation,
and some schools such as Gadsden State Community College even offer Transfer
Scholarships to 4-Year Universities as long as the G.P.A requirements are met.
At the end of the day I wish my parents  have pushed me so hard to get a Bachelors
before outweighing the benefits of both paths.

am a strong advocate of higher education that is the reason I am enrolled to received
my Master’s Degree. I believe that education is literally the key to the world.
However, I know plenty of people who went to associates programs that are more
balance and financially stable.

am the


VIII.) In conclusion,
there are several ways to receive higher education but starting off at a two
college will help you build on your future by going through the education
process more effectively. 


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