Name: life change? What were some of

 Name: Leiyi Pan Part I: Short Answer (3 questions at 20 points = 60total points)Answersshould be roughly 2-3 paragraphs each.  1.Howwas American reborn during the period 1877-1920? How did American life change?What were some of the most significant events and policies? Who lead thisrebirth? Who benefited and who didn’t?Thereare two historical events took place in America during 1877-1920. One is GildedAge and another one is the Progressive era. The Gilded Age took place inAmerica from 1870s to 1900s. The industrialization boomed in America duringthat time.

Later, people like Mark Twain started to criticize some problem ofthe Gilded Age. So the Progressive era was the age people tried to solve theproblem of the Gilded Age. Let’s talk about the Gilded Age first. The GildedAge was a golden era in American history. It’s like everyone could run a verysuccessful business during that time. Millions of immigrants came to the UnitedStates from Europe to get chance of better life. Meanwhile, a lot of heavy industries, like railways, factories,and mining developed rapidly. This era also gave birth to the first batch of big monopolies withinternational influence and competitiveness in American history like Ford AutoCompany, JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank, General Electrical Company, United StatesSteel Cooperation and so on.

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A lot of capitalists’ benefits from this era.However, Gilded Age was a dark period for blacks. Black people in the south areaof the United States of America are deprived of political rights and the rightto vote. the Progressive era was the agepeople tried to solve the problem of the Gilded Age. The politicalcorruption has been solved to a certain extent in America during theprogressive era. A lot of political change took place during the ProgressiveEra for example, the imposition of an income tax in the sixteenth amendment,direct election of senators of the seventeenth amendment and the election rightof women in nineteenth amendment. A lot of events happened during theProgressive era like Prohibition of alcohol, reformation of education and reformation of voting.  2.

Between 1920 and 1970 the U.S. saw multiple reform movements. What were thesemovements seeking to reform? How did they approach these issues? Were theysuccessful? Why or why not? TheUnited States of America experienced Economic collapse during 1929-1933.To solve this problem, Roosevelt put forward a series of reformscalled Roosevelt’s New Deal. Banking reform is one of the Roosevelts’ New Deal.A lot of customers withdraw their deposit in bank caused bank runs.

Rooseveltsent to Congress the Emergency Banking act by providing a comprehensive systemfor reopening sound banks under Treasury supervision. “About 5,000banks-one third of the nation’s total-had failed between 1929-1922. Representinga loss of tens of millions of dollars to depositors. In 1936, not a single bankfailed in United States.” (p824)Monetaryreform is another reformation under Roosevelts’ New Deal. Dollar wasconvertible to gold under the gold standard. The dollar can float freely onforeign exchange market. The price of gold from $20.

67per troy ounce was adjusted to $35 per troy ounce in 1934. The  3.Duringthis course I have tried to connect how Indiana and Purdue experienceddifferent historical moments. Relying on my lectures and the postedsupplemental readings, discuss how local and university history have reflectedlarger national trends. What other historical themes or ideas from the class doyou see reflected in Purdue and Indiana that I did not discuss (i.e. what otherconnections have you made between the state or university’s and nationalhistory)? One of the famous andrespectful alumni of Purdue University is Neil AldenArmstrong.

His personal experience can reflect the Cold War in American History. The cold War happened after the World War II.The United Stated and the Soviet Union ignited the Cold War. The United Stateis the capitalism which means everything is privately owned and run for profit,and the Soviet Union is the Communism that everyone owns a means to createcommonwealth all based around a central ideology.We can look at reserve his sculptureis Armstrong hall.

Whenserving in NASA, Armstrong became the first astronaut to set foot on the moonin July 21, 1969. He is the first human member to leave footprints on theearth’s extraterrestrial body as well. Armstrong could be sent to moon isbecause the strategy of the Cold War between Unites States and The Soviet Unionfor get ahead in space strategy.  Part II: Reflective Essay (1 essay worth 40 points)Answersshould be 2-3 pages double-spaced.Reflecton history in your lifetime. How would you describe the changes in Americanlife during the last 15 years? What are some of the most important people,events, and developments? How does it to compare to the periods of history youhave learned about in this course?  What do you think historians in thefuture will say about this era.  I didn’t have an American life experience before I came toPurdue University as an international student, so I will talk about the news andchanges I heard from United States of America when I was in China and thechanges I felt after I came to America.One ofthe biggest news I heard about America when I was a little kid was the September 11attacks.

This horrible events absorbed the attentions all over theworld. The One World Trade Center and second World Trade center were crashed bythe airliner hijacked by terrorists. A lot of Chinese news media reported thisnews, and I can see the title of the September 11 attacks on a lot ofnewspaper. After the incident, Bush made a speech about evicting the terroristsout of the United Sates.

After the September 11 attacks the United States putthe more focus on the antiterrorism. The American government took 14 years to arrestBin Laden and shoot him on the spot.  Although Bin Laden was dead, the power ofQaeda still exists. United States of America still face the threat of theterrorism.

Another change of America that I felt was frompop culture. The Kardashian family changed people’s view of beauty concept ofwomen. The social media always portrayed beautiful women to be painful thin andhigh. However, this is not true for most women in America.

Kim Kardashian doesnot have a super slim body shape and she does not have height as supermodel,but she makes loads of women want to become her.  “Kim’s contribution tobeauty and fashion is the fact that you don’t have to be super slim and verytall to be beautiful,” said Lagerfeld, according to Page Six. (Harper) Shemakes lots of women who have curved body and relatively short height arebeautiful as well. The fashion trend and beauty concept made by Kim Kardashian isstill trendy in America. The change and influence made by this astonishingfamily keeps continue permeating in America.After I came to Purdue I paidattention on the election of the election of the President in 2016. Thiselection is more democratic in the United States.

We can see on theadvertisement, television and social media that everyone who own the right tovote are encouraged to vote. The election competition was very furious. We can tellthat there was a strong link between the public and the political elections. Itcan be seen that the entertainment star is on the side of Hilary Clinton.

AfterTrump was president, it was more difficult for international students to find ajob in the United States. The tax reform of Trump In December 2, 2017, theUnited States Senate passed the tax reform bill with 51 votes to 49, whichagain attracted global attention. he tax reform program covers all businessesand individuals in the United States, with a tax cut of up to $4 trillion. Itis the largest tax reform since the Reagan era. The tax reform by Donald Trump ispositive to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor in the United Statesand Encourage American enterprises to return overseas profits.

  Refernce:·Harper’sBazaar Staff, Nov.5 2015 Karl Lagerfeld Talks KimKardashian’s Influence on Fashion link: Eric, Give me Liberty! AnAmerican History! Volume 2: 1865 Fifth edition (p824) 


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