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Name   : Alen TomyUniversity  : University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, CanadaAcademic Program : Master of Engineering-MechanicalEnrollment Status : Full TimeIntroductionI am Alen Tomy, a sincere, ambitious and hard-working person. I believe in taking up new challenges in life and fulfilling them to utmost. I have successfully completed All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) with 93% and All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) in Science stream with 90.4% from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). My keen interest in engineering studies supported with strong academic performance in Grade 12, gave me the confidence to pursue Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in 2013. I completed my Bachelors Program in Engineering specializing in Mechanical Engineering from Viswajyothi College of Engineering & Technology, Vazhakulam, Kerala affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India in May 2017 with a CGPA of 8.71. After completing my bachelor degree, I have gained sufficient knowledge about the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering those are applicable to most of the design, processes, production and manufacturing sectors. This naturally creates an urge of knowing in detail about the advanced technologies. So in order to enhance my knowledge, I planned to opt for Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Windsor. I firmly believe that the attractive opportunity offered by this University can truly help me both in enhancing knowledge about the industry and my credentials. Furthermore, to meet the entrance requirement for the University I have also appeared for English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS) and scored an overall band of 7.5.Reason for Choosing This CourseAs we know Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and comprehensive among the engineering disciplines. The world of today have gained a lot from this particular branch and it still continues. Mechanical Engineers are responsible for the smooth and proper functioning of a number of industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, power generation, manufacturing, refineries and so on. They usually go beyond the limits and they are one of the best problem solvers in the world. So I also want to be a part of this powerful engineering sector. But for that, the knowledge I acquired so far is not enough. Hence I choose a Master’s degree in Mechanical engineering as the next logical step. I have searched for courses in my country but got a very little option. So when I came to know about Master of Engineering course at the University of Windsor for 2 years, I decided to go for the same. I have gone through the course content of this particular program and it’s quite different from what I have studied before. Master of Engineering is a course-based program designed for those who want to increase their knowledge in multiple, advanced topics.Reason for Choosing University of WindsorThe selection of the right university by the candidate is as important as the selection of the right candidate by the university. To choose a university that is suitable to my ambition is a major decision, one which can’t be taken in haste. From my search for an excellent educational institution for pursuing advanced studies in Canada, I recognized that University of Windsor (UWindsor) has been the choice for many engineering aspirants to pursue their higher education goals over the years. My detailed research on the institutional profile of UWindsor revealed the long-standing history of academic excellence of UWindsor and its brilliance in imparting education in various cutting-edge technology specializations. Some reasons for choosing this university are:UWindsor is a public comprehensive and research university in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, founded in 1857.The university provides an excellent education and experience to its more than 15,000 full- and part-time students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.The university offers programs like arts, humanities and social sciences, education, engineering, business, human kinetics, law, nursing, and science. The university has demonstrated its primary research focuses on automotive, environmental, social justice, and international trade research. UWindsor’s unique climate of co-operation between academic, business and industry sectors gives access to state-of-the-art engineering facilities and outstanding career opportunities. The university faculty is well connected with Industry.Excellent educational providers who are focused on teaching students and helping them to reach their career goals.UWindsor provides co-operative Education Programs that integrate academic study with work experience in appropriate fields of business, industry, and professions. Reason for Choosing CanadaWhen the idea of higher education was perceived, I chose Canada as the most preferred destination due to its world-renowned education system and diversified opportunities for greater career development opportunities through internships and academic support. Canada’s education system is excellent and ranks among the best in the world because of which Canadian programs are well recognized and accepted in the field of business around the globe.Easy access to up to date & internationally designed course curriculum, well-equipped research & training facilities.Canada has peaceful & stable environment for international students.Education Canada is highly affordable as compared to some of the other English speaking countries like the UK, USA, and Australia.Teachers and professors are always available and eager to help with lessons, and studies fuse academic excellence with interaction and collaboration in the classroom. Most of the colleges and universities have an excellent campus and provides various facilities for international students.After completing my master’s course in Mechanical Engineering, I will have an overall development both in my ability and attitude. I strongly believe that the knowledge & industrial skills which I will acquire in these two years of my study in Canada will help me to stand globally. Moreover, Canadian education is recognized in many countries around the world. My two-year study in Canada would act as a platform and give a global boost to my career. After completing this course. I can work in automotive, aerospace, power generation, manufacturing, refineries, renewable energy and so on. The knowledge that I gain from the University and experiences from Canadian industry will help me in designing innovative products for the society and I have the vision that my works will make the university as well as my mother country India proud. I’m sure that once I’m back to India after completing my master’s program in mechanical engineering I’ll be highly valued by employers due to its international credibility and will be able to find my desired job in a well-established mechanical core sector. 


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