My writing as a profession never crossed

My name is Jia Adhyapak andI am the chief blogger at Leftbook.

info, I completedmy education in Ahmadabad, Gujarat and received degree of master of business administrationfrom Sikkim Manipal University and Aviation hospitality diploma from FrankfinInstitute. Prior to becoming a blogger, I worked with Education MNC inIndia for 8 years. One of the turning points in my life was shifting to LA, USA aftermarriage. I have started working independently at very young age to support myeducation, coming from a middle class family my parents were always in supportof me whatever I wanted to do in life. I was the one decided to left LLB andjoined Airhostess Training Academy. I was always sure what I wanted. Writingwas my passion since I was very young. I have won many awards at school andcollege level.

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You can say that it is inhabitant. Thought of pursuing writingas a profession never crossed my mind. It is my husband who has discovered thisskill in me and guided me further.

Leftbook.infois helpful to those who are looking for genuine and transparent guidance. I willbe sharing my knowledge in your words. I am the follower of this Chinese proverbin my life, “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for aday. You teach him to fish and you givehim an occupation that will feed him for alifetime.”  Exactly the same I am dreaming to do on this platform.                          From India to studying in city of kangaroos Melbourne Australia,Based in Los Angeles California right now, He has discovered Art,Culture, life, food, technology,weather,lifestyle, people, festivals, etc..

Being a professional in Accounting and coming from thebusiness family he had many other things within him to give this world, and Strong believer of There’s no time like the present, Gaurav has tried to reconcile twoentirely different identities and cultures, Indian and western and has haddiffering experiences of politics and perceptions of the Politian between bothcommunities, he loves spending free time in kitchen and making new recipes, Ofcoursehis taste birds are the strongest, The Travel lover, foodie, Hardworking,Helpful, Enthusiastic, family oriented person wish to share his thoughts hisbeliefs his experiences with you all through this blog, Find more about me inmy blogs.  


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