My my culture ,but in english it makes

My name is unique and simple yet there are multiple meanings to my name depending on the language you speak.

In my language it means the sky while in some languages it can mean knowledge, culture, go, from, and forest. If you heard my name you might think of the color black or make jokes about it. In my culture it is your grandparents who are suppose to name you ,so my grandfather gave me my name. It’s not too unique in my culture, multiple people are named Van in Myanmar. My name translates to the sky(first), large(middle), up(last) ,and my grandfather chose it because of what they mean. He was hoping that my name truly represented me when i grew up. He wanted me to be so great and happy i could touch the sky. He wanted me to grow up big and strong.

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He wanted everything to go well for me when i grew up. I hope that everything he wanted for me would come true. Even though i might not be the things he wished for me when he named me ,but i’m still kind, funny, helpful, nice and a bunch of other things. Even if i don’t represent the name my grandfather gave me i know that he’s still proud of who i am and who i’m going to be when i grow up.

My name is great in my culture ,but in english it makes me laugh yet gives me bad memories. When i was younger i didn’t know too much english so i never realised i was being made fun of because of my name ,but as i grew up the jokes and comments started to affect me. Me being the great guy i was i chose to ignore it all. Eventually i realised that all their jokes and comments didn’t matter anymore.

I even started to make fun of my own name ,and it always managed to make people laugh. The memories of the people who made fun of me made me want to be better than them. I try my best to help people who need my help ,and i try not to be mean or make fun of anyone unless they were my best friends. My name will always inspire me to be myself and never change because of what anyone says.

When people hear my name for the first time they usually think it’s weird or make a comment on it. I don’t truly know how each person feels about my name ,but i do know how my best friend reacted to my name. His last name was actually my name so it was a great way for us to start talking ,and we eventually became best friends. When i was younger i hated my name, i wished i could’ve changed it to a normal name such as Cody, Alex, or Jason. Now i have no problem with my name it may be simple and weird but it’s my name and it’s one that i don’t ever wanna get rid of.

My name isn’t what makes me who i am so as long as i know who i am my name will never truly affect me.


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