My later. My superlative accomplishment in school brought

My goal to work in the field of
research and development for private industry motivates me to enroll in your
university. I believe that a broad knowledge and an excellent grasp of
fundamentals are necessary for such a profession and Graduate studies in
Mechanical Engineering in a renowned University like yours will assist me to
accomplish this aspiration. Hence I am seeking an admission to the Master
program at McGill University with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering
which not only enhances my knowledge but also equips me with the excellent
possible platform for the fulfillment of my ultimate aims. I hold compelling
reasons to believe that I will be hugely successful both as a Graduate student
and as a researcher later.

My superlative accomplishment in
school brought me several honors at the national level. I was awarded the
prestigious Yayasan Khazanah Asia Full Scholarship in 2012 to pursue
undergraduate study in Malaysia majoring in Mechanical Engineering. When I
started my undergraduate career, I owned the chance to be exposed to the
extensive variety of engineering courses, all of which directed to strengthen
and thicken my deep interest in engineering. I have discovered the principles
of mechanical engineering those apply to most tools, machines, and processes
which widens my scope of learning and research. Besides, I have developed a
particular enthusiasm in the field of energy conservation. Among the 180
students in the course, I was selected to be the top 25 in the final year
project course.

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I submitted a project in final
year with the title Performance study of thermoelectric generation system
(TEGs) through the waste heat recovery process, which runs on the principle of
energy harvesting, i.e., handling the heat in combustion, or other thermal
processes and directly transforming into electrical energy following Seebeck
effect. It was well accepted and recognized by department professors and H.O.D
as well. The final purpose is to utilize the energy recovered from the waste
heat. This system has a potential in the case of waste heat recovery, and it
has several advantages such as durability, environmentally friendliness,
no-moving mechanical parts, quiet, and demanding little care.

I am currently working at the
Institute of Energy Policy and Research (IEPRe) in Malaysia as a research
assistant. For the past one year, I have managed to assist my project leader in
finishing several works such as thermoelectric generation system (TEGs) through
the waste heat recovery process, Climate change mitigation: a comparative
assessment of Malaysian and ASEAN scenarios, and Implications of climate change
damage for agriculture: sectoral evidence from Pakistan. Due to my past
performance, my project leader entrusted me to be entirely in charge of a
project which focuses on solar power and the title is an analysis of Improvised
Solar Power Performance by using a Dual-Axis tracker system.

I have come to a
conclusion that the Master in Engineering program (MSc) offered by Department
of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University is ideally structured to meet my
preferred interests which concentrate in research areas of Combustion and
Energy Systems, Design and Manufacturing, Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics. I
sincerely hope to possess a jointly favorable relationship with your University
to present my best towards creating a successful research endeavor. I am
convinced that I can positively contribute towards your esteemed University and
with great hope; I wait for your kind act of admitting me into your fold and
awarding me an admission in my desired course.


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